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Giving Thanks Every Day

Jenna-Kim with goat kissing her nose

Giving Thanks Every Day

So Thanksgiving has passed. We had our turkey or ham, our stuffing, squash, cranberries and everything else. We have stuffed our faces and laughed and had a wonderful day with the family. Then suddenly the day is over and we fill ourselves with leftovers. Okay now Thanksgiving is officially over and we return to school and we go back to our mundane daily lives. 

But why can't every day be Thanksgiving? No I don't mean an endless flow of turkey and stuffing or unlimited pies. I mean why do we specifically pick that day to list things we're thankful for? I'm not speaking of the historical background on why Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, but rather a more personal reason. 

It is late in November when we all decide to really sit down and think of everything we're thankful for. Sure we think of things we're grateful now and again throughout the year, but Thanksgiving tends to be the one holiday in which we all gather as a family and declare how thankful we are to have each other in our lives and how much we appreciate everything we have. 

So why not give thanks daily? We do on some level but I have been trying something new to expand on the idea of giving thanks. Each day I list one thing I am grateful for in my life. This can range from things relating to family, to my friends, listing my pets' names, all kinds of blessings in my life from Thanksgiving day onward for one year straight so I can have a whole collection of things I feel thankful for. It may get difficult, but it could be perfect to look back on whenever you might be feeling a bit down or like you've got nothing left in your life. It's perfect for reflecting when you need it the most to remind yourself what's important to you in your life. You don't have to show it to anyone, you don't have to write only personal things. You can write anything down. You can be thankful for your laptop, your bed, your new iPhone, anything you want whether it's material or not.

Here are a few things I am personally thankful for:

  1. My goats. Yes, my goats. I have eleven goats that I raise with my family. I am thankful for all of them: Bailey B, Lorcan, Norah, Grainne, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Eleanor Rigby, Sugar, Kitten, Baby, Tiramisu and Eliza! They're my goat family and I love them all very much. 

  2. My friends here at CHC. I have successfully made a wonderful group of friends at school that has become my family away from family. I have an incredible support group and an incredible bunch of people to just be with. 

  3. My professors. Crazy right? I love my professors and I am ever grateful for them and all that they do every day. They have to put up with us on a regular basis and put so much tireless work into our educations. God bless professors! 

  4. Warm cups of tea. I am always thankful for a nice cup o' tea when it's cold outside and I need to relax. Nothing helps me unwind like a hot mug full of delicious tea with a bit of milk and honey!

  5. My family. Of course, I had to include the people who have made me who I am today. Without these people, I'd be nothing. They've raised me, been with me through thick and thin and mean the world to me. 

So sure we can't have a Thanksgiving feast every single day, but we can always find something to be thankful for each day that goes by. So take some time out every now and again and remember what you're thankful for. It just makes your day a bit better.