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First Days in Hawaii

Sunset behind palm trees in Hawaii

First Days in Hawaii

Days one through four:

Arriving in Hawai'i was unlike arriving any place I have ever been before. The Kona International Airport has maybe two runways, and the actual airport is a collection of huts. There were no terminals, no gates and one small baggage claim area. When the plane landed, we were unloaded right down on the tarmac. It was apparent to everyone that we were first-time tourists here because we were amazed by this process.

The 'we' I am referring to is my brother and me. He spent the first four days with me -- before my internship started. After the airport, the two of us began our mini vacation. The Big Island of Hawai'i is incredible. I was blown away by its beauty on the drive from the airport to the hotel. Fields of cooled molten rock covered the Kona side of the island while there are enormous mountains and volcanoes in the distance that separate the Hilo and Honoka'a tropical side.

Driving 45 minutes between these two very different sides made it feel like we were driving into another world. They are so close to each other, yet the environments and climates are drastically different. During those four days, my brother and I got to experience both sides. We hiked down Waimanu Valley to a black sand beach on the Honoka'a side, and then snorkeled and also lay on the beach with sea turtles on the Kona side. Since we stayed on the Kona side, we became more familiar with it. The views were remarkable. Almost everything we did came by accident as we just explored and met people along the way. We found amazing cafes in the town of Waimea which would be our breakfast spot, and then we found locals who showed us whales and spinner dolphins jumping in the ocean. The island is incredible and it has shown us a lot without us having to explore much.

My internship is located in Honoka'a which will be unlike all my previous adventures with my brother. I am excited about this ten-week challenge and will enjoy living off the land on the farm.

Until next time.