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The Crisis Intensifies

Migrant kids amongst blankets

The Crisis Intensifies

The story of Sindy Flores from Honduras is a sad example of the current situation of the country. The young child was separated from her father when trying to cross the southern border. ABC13 reported that the child was held at a children's migrant holding facility in Texas for a month. The mother, who applied for asylum, is living with a family member in San Francisco. The 23-year-old mother was finally reunited with her daughter after a month of holding. This only happened after numerous demands by officials which included a payment of $4,000 for transportation to California.

One would consider this a story with a happy ending, but it displays a much larger issue. The country that we love is facing a humanitarian crisis in one of its worst forms. The unethical treatment of children is absolutely unacceptable regardless of citizenship or legal status. The separation of parents and their children for an extended period of time an undisputed ethical violation. This is much larger than an immigration debate. It is a decision that we need to make as a country if we will speak up for what is right.

We consider ourselves the representative of the free world and modern democracies which makes the crisis even more awful. Regardless of leadership or political views a change needs to happen in our immigration system. There is no justification for the inhumane treatment and conditions of migrants and especially children. We need the courage to raise our voices and verbalize our thoughts. This is not defending illegal means of immigration but an appeal to the morality of the American that I know.