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Border Wall

Border Wall

Donald Trump's crisis of the Border Wall

When Donald Trump ran for President of the United States he ran on a campaign of fear and racism. His main point was that the United States needs a border wall between Mexico and the USA to protect the country from all the drugs, criminals, and caravans of immigrants trying to get into the country. He told everyone that he would put “America First” and be tough on anyone trying to get into our country. He said he would make Mexico pay for the wall and that it would be built right away. When the Republicans were in the majority, they didn’t have the votes for the wall funding. Now, Donald Trump has signed an emergency declaration to pay for his wall because Mexico refused to ever pay, and he can’t get the votes to pass to build the wall despite shutting down the government to try and get it done.  


There was an agreement over 100 years ago with Mexico for a border barrier. $229 billion dollars' worth of goods goes back and forth between Mexico and the United States and it’s very important for us that this keeps happening. Trump has no idea how much the wall will cost since the White house estimate is $21 Billion dollars and a group at MIT have estimated that the wall will cost $40 billion or more. We have always had border security, fencing and barrier structures. Also, many areas where he wants to have the wall built are on private land and the government will have to legally try to take that land in order to build a wall there. Trump does not care about protecting the country he cares about this one campaign promise that he made to his base so he can keep it and get reelected. He has even started saying now that he is also doing this to protect the migrants because the trip to the US is dangerous. 


With the NAFTA agreement many workers have been able to come to the United States to work. Many people in Mexico and other predominantly Spanish speaking countries have come over to the Unites States legally and illegally to do many of the jobs that most Americans don’t want. These jobs are in fields picking fruit and vegetables in over 100-degree weather for very little money for many hours a day. Many workers are in hot kitchens prepping food or washing hundreds of dishes and dirty pots and pans. Others are in hotels working as maids and many are working doing lawn cutting and other back breaking boring labor jobs. It turns out that Trump is so against the immigrants but he has been hiring illegal immigrants to work at this hotels and other businesses illegally and helping to change their papers so they can stay and work. The Unites States desperately needs these workers because no one else will do these jobs. There are people who have come up with solutions for these issues like a ticket system to help the workers be legal and no matter what someone comes up with, there is too much division in the House and Senate to agree on anything with immigration.