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Aid for Immigrants

Honduran migrants sitting next to Honduran flag

Aid for Immigrants

The caravan has brought out the worst and the best of us.

While the recent migrant waves, primarily composed of Hondurans and El Salvadorans, have elicited fear and anger in some Americans, others have risen to provide assistance to these vulnerable individuals. After the 2,500-mile exodus from their countries of origin, the weary refugees are dependent upon the kindness of humanitarian groups such as The International Committee of the Red Cross (Morello, 2018). The organization offers water, basic medical care, and phones so that migrants are able to contact their families.

Border Angels, a non-profit organization based in San Diego, California, collects hundreds of donations for the caravan stalling on Mexico’s side of the border. Groups of migrants occupy overpopulated shelters where resources are sparse, and many eat only once a day.  A Border Angels representative reported they are thankful to the community for extending support and resources to the most vulnerable among us (Johnson, 2018). If one feels impelled to contribute, Border Angels has a Target registry, or one can visit their website for more information:

Our very own Sisters of Saint Joseph extend help and resources to immigrants in the Philadelphia area. The SSJ Welcome Center offers English and computer classes and other educational service to ease the constraints of being foreign-born.  Perhaps most importantly, the Sisters help immigrants study for their citizenship tests.  Because many struggle with English, volunteers offer to accompany immigrants to medical appointments. The Sisters have introduced several other services to help immigrants integrate and get involved in their communities.  The center, located at 728 E Allegheny Ave, Philadelphia is always looking for CHC students who are interested in participating, and one can find more information about the SSJ Welcome Center on their website: