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Adventures in Transfer

Jenna-Kim with her friends

Adventures in Transfer

I am a transfer student from Manor College, a private two-year Catholic college in Jenkintown, Pa. It was a fantastic school with fantastic staff. Right before I completed my time at Manor, I decided it would be good to transfer and get my bachelor's degree. Manor has an agreement with Chestnut Hill College, so all of my credits transferred over to whichever major I chose. I chose political science, after previously being a paralegal major at Manor, and began my journey in August. 

I was incredibly nervous about transferring at first, but the process was quick and easy. The staff here at CHC has been spectacular in helping me. I've adjusted to my classes, made plenty of friends and have joined clubs and extracurricular activities. So let me put to rest some concerns some students might have about transferring to CHC. 

Don't worry about making friends

That was one of my biggest concerns when coming to Chestnut Hill. I thought most of the students would already have established friend groups. Despite this concern, I discovered quickly that there are not only other transfer students, but just, in general, an incredibly friendly crowd of people at Chestnut Hill College. I quickly managed to find a good group of friends who are accepting and friendly and so enjoyable to be around. It's a wonderful mix of first-years, sophomores, transfer students and others. I adjusted quickly and I'm happy to have found a good group of peers. 

Professors make adjusting to classes easy

Sometimes getting used to new classes and professors can be frightening. It was certainly a concern of mine after I had gotten so used to the familiar faces in my classrooms and the way my classes were run at my last school. I quickly learned that this is another thing not to worry about. All of my classes so far have held some fantastic students and some even more amazing professors. All of my professors this year have been supportive and inclusive of all students in the class. The way classes are run are all dependent on the professor and they all have been fantastic. This is typical of any class. As long as you keep on top of your work, it will be smooth sailing, making adjustments to your new courses quick and easy. 

Welcome the new atmosphere

Another concern of mine when switching schools was adjusting to new staff and a new atmosphere. How blessed I was to discover the staff and faculty at Chestnut Hill College are absolutely wonderful. They are incredibly helpful with whatever you may need. Whether you are trying to find your way around a new campus or getting information on discounts from the Student Activities Office, everyone is willing to step up and help you along your way. There is a supportive family-like system throughout the entire school. You will never feel like you're lost, either in life or geographically, at this school, as there is always someone to jump in and help guide you. 

Get involved! 

At my previous school, I was involved in every organization under the sun. I was wondering what sort of things I could find here. Lo and behold, there are a spectacular amount of student activities, clubs and academic organizations you can join. There's always some event happening around campus sponsored by various clubs and organizations. There is a club for everyone: from knitting and crocheting to Mask & Foil, the drama club. There is even an anime club if you enjoy watching and discussing anime. The diversity of interests and welcoming atmosphere of the clubs is fantastic. It puts one's mind at ease to know there's a sufficient group of individuals who enjoy the same things you do. 

So, all in all, transferring was frightening at first, but I've discovered it can be so easy to adjust to a new school. CHC has been incredibly accepting and welcoming and so diverse, culturally and otherwise. It is the warmest and most welcoming atmosphere any transfer student could hope to witness. So sure, transferring is a big step, and can be nervewracking, but when you find the right school to transfer to, and when you manage to find the right ways to adjust to a new environment, it can be easy as pie, or pi, if that's more your thing. 

Until next time, my friends. God bless, and may your day be filled with happiness. I look forward to interacting with you all more, and I look forward to incorporating more photos and videos into future posts! See you again soon!