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2018 McDonalds

Peeled apple slices on a yellow plate

2018 McDonalds

My trip today to McDonalds would not be my first. I’ve worked behind the McDonalds counter, taking orders and bagging food for smiling customers expecting quick yet quality service. I’ve ordered food multiple times from in front of the counter and in the drive thru. This time however I do not walk into McDonalds as just a customer, but also a journalist on a mission.

My goal for my visit today is to buy an assortment of healthy and fatty food. I cannot successfully report on the fast food industry if I do not try everything the restaurants have to offer. While the hamburgers are questionable and the chicken nuggets peculiar, their apple slices are crisp and the salads are healthier options. From the beginning, I can tell which items McDonald's wishes to sell more of. Special hamburger meals are given much more screentime than healthier options such as salad on the menu item.  While the Double Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese is given a large ratio and draws the attention of customers, salads are restricted to a small corner and often lost. 

My list is as of follows…

1.     Double Cheeseburger

2.     4-Piece Chicken McNugget

3.     Medium French Fries

4.     Side Salad

5.     Apple Slices

6.     Water Bottle

7.     Medium Coke

8.     Grilled Chicken Sandwich

There are two sides to every story. That is what I believe is the whole purpose of the neutral paper I was assigned to write for ENG105; to remain neutral in midst of an argument with great support from both sides. While McDonalds has questionable food and moral choices, it is undeniable they have created many jobs, opportunities and have helped many people with The Ronald McDonald Charity. While the cheeseburger, nuggets, fries and coke are questionable, the apple slices, water bottle, grilled chicken sandwich and side salad are better choices for those looking to watch calorie intake. The last time you were at a McDonalds, what menu choices did you choose? The obvious, healthy ones or the questionable guilty pleasures such as fries and chicken nuggets?

Updated 4/12/2018