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1955 McDonalds

A McDonalds restaurant in 1955 with bright lights and 50's era cars

1955 McDonalds

"The hamburgers were juicy and the fries were gold and crispy. If one were to look inside a McDonalds restaurant in 1955, they would see barrels of Coca-Cola and root beer. They would see hamburger patties cooking on grills and freshly cut potatoes being prepped to be fried. The food could be described by words like natural, unprocessed, unpreserved and healthy. Now, in 2018, McDonalds stands as a tall giant over the world and the population." 

I thought that this semester I would be reading prompts and writing double-spaced essays. It seemed every English class I have taken follow the same pattern. We would read a book, analyze it, and then write an essay about it. The cycle was endless and repetitive. Advanced English 105 is a class I realized soon would be different. Instead of multiple papers on different topics, there are only 2, individual yet connected papers. To write these papers, one would have to think outside the box, instead of using the same cookie cutout mindset. While I possessed clear, creative ideas on how to attack the topic of Fast Food, I lacked a journalistic vision. I needed a way to broadcast my opinion on a platform. I was writing the two papers as if they were simply essay drafts. Study a topic, write a paper, get a grade. Boom, on to the next one. This paper however is long-term. The entire course is one huge topic, combined with vast research and requires immense planning.

My opinion on my chosen topic was clear however.

I wish to gather knowledge about the fast food industry’s immoral actions and effects on the world. Of course, everyone knows how unhealthy fast food is. But what about the CEOs behind the companies’ madness? They are choosing to sell unhealthy food packed with preservatives and ingredients that are far from fresh. By releasing advertisements targeting children, Happy Meals and burgers are forced into the population at a young age. Wildly enough, the McDonalds symbol is the world’s most recognized symbol. The CEOs are aware of the negative effects their food has on the world, and they still choose to sell it instead of conquering problems. The company could create a healthy image for fast food worldwide.

To write a successful overview and argument paper, I must find many sources, and this has proven to be a hard task. There are many studies that analyze all aspects of fast food. I must use various sources to discuss Fast Food. I am going to cover as much as possible, from the industry’s immense growth to the research conducted on fast food. My argument paper however is where I will voice my strong opinion on the immoral actions.

And the argument paper is not the only place to voice my opinion.

I wish to create another platform to accompany my papers and broadcast my thoughts. By using my background in video editing, I wish to create a video that does just this. So, I ask you, whoever is reading this, what is one of your experiences with McDonalds? Maybe you were driving in the car, music blasting while munching on fries. Maybe you were on break at work and decided to grab a quick meal. Maybe you were goofing around with friends, eating and having great time. Or, maybe you were preparing orders and greeting customers as an employee.

I wish for you to tell me your McExperience. Positive or negative. Either way, I assure you, you will help create a video strong enough to show how much power worldwide McDonalds has. Said power should be used for healthy, safe food anyway if you ask me.

Revised 4/12/18