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Students' research & reflections on U.S. immigration polices, worker status, and immigrants' lives.


A deep dive into research about the stuff we grow and eat.

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Reflections on being a student who travels, learns and does service .


Advice and inspiration from Griffins.

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Ceiling of Broad Street Ministry. Ornamental windmills and origami birds are hung as decoration

It was a beautiful building with huge stain glass windows. Music was playing, and the bright open room that we were in was full of energy. It was packed with over a hundred different people, seated at tables and ready to be served a warm meal. 

By Oren Allen
April 30, 2018
Chart implying that reduced beef consumption will benefit environment

CHC kicked off 'Earth Week' with a very important day: Meatless Monday. During lunch and dinner in the Fournier Cafeteria, there was no meat served at the hot food bar. Instead, options of pasta, vegetable, and tofu dishes were offered to students and faculty. 

By Sarah Jo Tucker
April 24, 2018
Bowl of soup getting handed out

I knew food was a touchy subject. I didn’t realize it could be touchy for me.

By Alexis Stoner
April 12, 2018
Chart implying that childhood obesity works on a negative feedback loop

I was always a husky child growing up. It never bothered me and getting seconds or thirds of dinner never seemed like an abnormal thing to do. It wasn’t until the summer between 8th and 9th grade that I realized I was overweight for a child my age and height.

By Jamal Copeland-Harris
April 5, 2018
Disgusting School Food

A curse.

It's definitely a curse.

By Ariana Guillen
March 25, 2018
Food is a Human Right

We’re all taught as tiny Kindergarteners (and often younger) about the basic needs of humans. To live we need food, water, and shelter, it’s common sense. Nobody can deny the fact that every human being needs food to live, so obviously we can consider food a human right. That's common knowledge, right, at least that's what I’ve always assumed, but in the midst of research for a paper I am writing, I got a reality check

By Oren Allen
March 23, 2018
Peeled apple slices on a yellow plate

My trip today to McDonalds would not be my first. I’ve worked behind the McDonalds counter, taking orders and bagging food for smiling customers expecting quick yet quality service. I’ve ordered food multiple times from in front of the counter and in the drive thru.

By Nahijee Cross
March 21, 2018
A McDonalds restaurant in 1955 with bright lights and 50's era cars

"The hamburgers were juicy and the fries were gold and crispy. If one were to look inside a McDonalds restaurant in 1955, they would see barrels of Coca-Cola and root beer. They would see hamburger patties cooking on grills and freshly cut potatoes being prepped to be fried.

By Nahijee Cross
March 15, 2018
Cow Drinking Water

First off, why is conserving water so important? We all know that the Earth is 70% water, but that’s mostly saltwater, which humans cannot consume. Freshwater, on the other hand, is consumable, but its scarce, and events like droughts make it even scarcer.

By Sarah Jo Tucker
March 13, 2018
Food Bank Delivery Truck

Hunger is a global issue that we recognize but push aside because we don’t feel like we can improve the situation. This is true to a point. There is no one way to solve global hunger; however, there are multiple ways to help without ignoring it. From my research, I found ways to help this issue.

By Julia Bacon-Henderson
March 13, 2018
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