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Darian Leader, M.S. '14

Darian Leader, M.S. '14

Darian Leader
Director of Transfer Admissions
First Floor Fournier Hall

Educational background

M.S., Administration of Human Services-Chestnut Hill College

Why I choose Chestnut Hill College:  
I chose Chestnut Hill College to earn my Master’s Degree in Administration of Human Services because of the hands-on classroom environment and dedicated Faculty! I love welcoming new transfer students to CHC because there is nothing more gratifying than seeing a student find the perfect place to expand their knowledge, ask questions and explore their potential! As a transfer student joining the Griffin family, you’re not late to the game, you’re just in time and we’ve been waiting for you!

Chestnut Hill College fun fact: 
Over one-third of the incoming student population is made up of fantastically diverse transfer students!

Favorite campus event: 
Accepted Student Day! The excitement on the faces of hundreds of new Griffins is a beautiful thing!