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Spirituality & Retreats

Spirituality & Retreats

Retreats are a great opportunity for reflection and renewal, and are an encouraging time to taste and see the goodness of God in our own lives and the beauty of the world around us. Students of all faiths, backgrounds, and religious experience are welcome. 

With a variety of unique retreat experiences, beautiful settings, and a gifted team of mentors and student leaders, Campus Ministry offers numerous retreats throughout the year, both on and off campus. These retreats focus on a variety of themes and aspects of the spiritual journey, with the ability to meet all participants where they are.

Women's Retreat

The women’s retreat is for young women looking to nourish and grow in their spirituality, deepen their own identity, and build community with one another.

The retreat invites self-reflection, draws strength from spirituality, and develops community. The Women's Retreat brings together a diverse community of women to share what is in their hearts. This year's retreat is August 24-25, 2018. Click here to sign up:

First Year Get Away

The First Year Get Away welcomes first year students of all faith backgrounds and experiences to discover connections to new classmates, upperclass student leaders, and to explore belief and identity through prayer and conversation with one another.

Peer leaders share reflections and facilitate small-group conversations on topics related to transition andfinding a place of welcome at Chestnut Hill College. This retreat takes place at St. Mary by the Sea Retreat House, a sponsored work of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, in Cape May Point, New Jersey each fall semester. This year's retreat is September 14, 15 and 16, 2018. Click here to sign up:

SEARCH Retreat

The Search for meaning, development of self and identity, spirituality, forgiveness, gratitude, and the divine, are all part of the three day weekend SEARCH retreat. Retreatants are offered reflections from peers and mentors, whilehaving time for reflective prossesses/ prayer and building lasting connections. This retreat offers small group discussions and group activities that encourage students to look at their relationship with self, others and God. This retreat is offered to sophomore, juniors and seniors students of all faiths and takes place yearly in the fall semester at Emmaus Retreat House in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. This year's retreat is November 2-4, 2018. Click here to sign up:

SEARCH Leaders' Retreat

Key to the student leaders’ growth as individuals and as a team is the SEARCH Leaders’ Retreat, offered each year over Fall Break. For three days, the team grows interpersonally through the sharing of retreat talks and reflections.  This process allows students and adult leaders to offer constructive feedback and helps to develop a team dynamic. The group also has time to engage in the Mission of the Sisters of Saint Joseph by taking part in a day of service at the St. Mary’s by-the-Sea Retreat House.  

Silent Guided Retreat

Step away into solitude and quiet. Silent, contemplative prayer and reflection are offered in a place of beauty by the water. Individual spiritual guidance offered daily throughout the weekend to enhance students’ personal prayer. Communal prayer and faith sharing are woven into these spring weekends.

Crossroads Retreat

A weekend for seniors to listen and discern as they prepare to move forward into the future, Crossroads invites students into a deeper process of discernment as they begin to explore transition and engage in the unfolding of what will be beyond their life at Chestnut Hill College.  This retreat is offer at the beginning of the second semester each year.

Canvas Retreat

This art and spirituality retreat will explore how art can be an access point and vehicle for deepening one’s spiritual journey and finding God through creative expression. Students of all experience levels are encouraged to attend as input in multiple mediums will be explored.  Reflection activities and prayer for individual use and for gathering into small group sharing will be part of the weekend.  Canvas is offered in the spring semester.

Busy Person's Retreat

“A retreat in everyday life,” the Busy Person’s Retreat gives participants the opportunity to intentionally pray over the course of three days on campus. Guided by outside directors, retreatants set aside time each day for prayer and to meet individually with a director. Open to students, faculty, and staff, the Busy Person’s Retreat is a way to deep one’s prayer life without leaving Chestnut Hill College. This retreat experience is offered each spring semester.

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