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Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Human Services Department

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Sociology Criminal Justice & Human Services Department
Academic Programs

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is a career-oriented liberal arts major focusing on the dynamics of criminal and delinquent behaviors, the interaction between law enforcement, the legal system and society, and the critical issues of justice in the United States and the world. Criminal justice majors complete 45 credits in order to earn a B.S. degree. 

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Human Services

At Chestnut Hill College, human services is taught through a practical lens that examines the role of individuals in the profession. Educated by highly qualified and dedicated faculty, the human services program at CHC is supported through a liberal arts education that provides students with a strong foundation for graduate and professional education and employment in an ever-changing world.

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At Chestnut Hill College, students majoring in sociology have the option of entering many different careers. Whatever career path is chosen, sociology students benefit from the skills learned in problem solving, critical thinking, research mthods and effective communication strategies. The curriculum is taught by highly qualified and experienced professors who provide a well-rounded education in preparation for employment in the field and/or graduate study.

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Social Gerontology

Social Gerontology is a minor. For information about minor requirements, view the Sociology section of the Catalog.