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Religious Studies and Philosophy Department

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Religious Studies

Religious Studies courses provide an opportunity for students to examine the nature of religious experience and belief. This exploration occurs within a theological framework designed to enable students to understand and articulate the central elements of the JudeoChristian faith tradition. At the same time, faculty promote serious and critical conversation with students between this faith tradition and the questions and concerns arising from their lived experience and the needs of the world today. Students are also encouraged to investigate other religious traditions that provide a spiritual depth to the reality of the human experience. 

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Peace and Justice

The Peace and Justice Studies Minor grounds students in issues of peace and justice through increased knowledge in areas such as non-violent social change, conflict resolution, and economic justice. 

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The study of Philosophy invites students to an intensely personal adventure: the pursuit of “the examined life.” By seeking acquaintance with great minds expressed in disciplined argument and in great literature, the Philosophy curriculum stimulates creativity and encourages the student to develop a responsible, thoughtful worldview and a personal value system that can meet the challenges of life in the twenty-first century. For assistance, please contact Dr. Patrick McCauley, Room 370, Fournier Hall. Telephone: 215.753.3657. Email:


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Religious Studies and Philosophy

This minor allows students to combine the courses from the Religious Studies and Philosophy minors.  Contact Dr. Patrick McCauley for more information, Room 370, Fournier Hall. Telephone: 215.753.3657. Email: mccauleyp@chc.edu.