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Our Values

Our Values


Our clients are people with complex lives from different cultures, backgrounds, identities, and financial circumstances. We value diversity in all its forms, and we believe that every client deserves respect, compassion, and quality mental health services.
The clinical team at CHC-PSC is committed to:

  • Professionalism –We strive to provide every client and prospective client with an experience characterized by friendly, professional interactions in a pleasant and comfortable setting.
  • High quality services - Our clinicians strive for excellence in their clinical practice. All clients participate in a comprehensive intake process that allows the psychology trainee to get to know the whole person of the client, including but not limited to their reason(s) for seeking services. This stage is an important component of the assessment process for psychological testing and the evaluation process for psychotherapy and enables the development of an individualized service plan. Further, this stage represents the beginning of a partnership among the client, the psychology trainee, and the trainee’s supervisor, in which an alliance based on a shared understanding of goals is developed.
  • Confidentiality – We safeguard clients’ privacy and sensitive information according to the strict standards of the field of psychology and in accordance with ethical and legal guidelines. The rare exceptions include cases in which there is evidence of physical and/or sexual abuse or neglect of children or of elderly people, cases in which it is determined that a client is in danger of harming themselves or others, and very rare circumstances in which our records are subpoenaed by court order.
  • Cultural Awareness - CHC-PSC clinicians are dedicated to furthering their cultural awareness, competency, and humility, and committed to actively working to increase and deepen their understanding of individual and cultural diversity. We respect and celebrate awareness, appreciation, and sensitivity toward all and encourage deep consideration of the ways that political, economic, and societal influences affect individuals’ behaviors, particularly those from disadvantaged and marginalized groups.