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garden club

Two years ago, when Keely McCarthy, Ph.D., associate professor of English and coordinator of the writing program, began teaching both first-year writing and advanced writing courses on food and food-related issues, she never imagined the students would become so interested in what they were learning and the volunteer work they were doing, that they would ask the question, “Why can’t we start a garden on campus?”

This year’s crop of LENS participants.

As the LENS program begins its fifth year, its student participants’ commitment to service and mission is stronger than ever.

Scholarship award recipients pose at last year's conference.

Now in its fifth year, the Harry Potter Academic Conference hosted by Chestnut Hill College, has grown from nine presenters in 2012 to 38 in 2015, and from three hours to two days. This year’s conference will be held October 20-21. Its theme is “Tolerance.”


From TV stations in Arizona to news outlets in Peru to top online sites such as E! Online, everyone is taking notice of the Harry Potter Weekend.

Abby Palko, Ph.D. '96

Commitment to Women’s Issues Began at CHC
Abigail Palko, Ph.D., ’96

Abigail Palko, Ph.D., ’96 recently was named Director of the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center at the University of Virginia.

The Griffins home opener game against Princeton in September 2015.

When Mike Pearson, head sprint football coach, first got the job in November 2014, he had a two-year plan in mind to build the program from scratch.

Fall Convocation 2016

In 2020, Tokyo will host the Summer Olympics, NASA will launch a mission to Mars and Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.