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science students presentation
Science students present their findings about testicular cancer.
Brenda Lange

According to the American Cancer Society, there were more than 1.6 million (estimated) new cancer cases diagnosed in 2017. It’s hard to find anyone who does not know someone who has or has had the disease.

As part of the Biology of Cancer course (for non-science majors), taught by Lakshmi Atchison, Ph.D., professor of biology, students formed groups and studied two types of cancer in-depth, then reported their findings to the College community in late November. Group One discussed cervical cancer and the Gardasil vaccine and Group Two talked about testicular cancer.

The students in both groups explained cancer warning signals, early detection, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis and more. Group Two stressed the importance of self-exams, stating that testicular cancer, which is most common in men 15 to 40, is highly curable when caught early. The students in Group One were most surprised by the fact that there are few warning signs for cervical cancer until the disease has progressed

Knowing your family history, becoming educated to risk factors and avoiding them, getting regular check-ups and performing self-exams for certain cancers are among the most proactive things one can do to avoid becoming a statistic.


Unique Service Opportunity

Derek Smith explains the goals of CHC's Firefighting club to a fellow student.Derek Smith is not only a first-year student majoring in psychology, he also is a firefighter at Barren Hill Volunteer Fire Company on Germantown Pike in Lafayette Hill, who began the CHC Firefighting Club this year as a way to offer a unique service opportunity and help others.

“We help people in their darkest hours and in other ways too,” says Smith. “For example, we still rescue cats from trees! Firefighting is a great service opportunity that fits well with the College’s mission to be dear neighbors to all.”

Smith adds that club members can be trained to become firefighters and can progress to the Montgomery County Fire Academy to take classes to receive their Firefighter I certification if they wish.

Students interested in joining the club — no prior firefighting experience is necessary — can contact Smith at SmithD@chc.edu or 215-817-7377. He also is happy to provide an application to anyone interested in volunteering with the Barren Hill Fire Company.


On the TEDx Stage

Officer for Diversity and Inclusion, Juliana Mosley, Ph.D., recently gave a TEDx Talk at Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center in West Chester on the subject of cultural humility and how the need for diversity and inclusion in our society is being felt stronger than ever.


Seeing Things?

Mannequins before all tattoos were applied.Partially clad mannequins (one male and one female) caught the attention of visitors to Logue Library for a time during the fall semester. The pair then showed off their new tattoos near the Rotunda before disappearing. The mystery was cleared up when Lauren Barrow, Ph.D., explained that the models were part of a project from her course, Deconstructing Deviance through Tattoo Art. In it, the students explored the historical significance of using one’s body as a canvas, from tribal war paint to contemporary body art.

“Students examined how social attitudes surrounding tattoo art evolved from deviant behavior (as self-mutilation or indicative of psychiatric problems) to normative behavior,” Barrow wrote in an e-mail. “Concepts such as generational rebellion, self-expression and cultural statements were explored as contributing to the shifting definition of deviance.”

Watch for the full story further exploring this innovative class in the spring issue of the Chestnut Hill College magazine.


MLK Day of Service

All members of the college community are invited to join in CHC's first annual MLK Day of Service on January 15. The College has plans to visit five different sites and is looking for 65-70 volunteers to donate their day off to the local community. Transportation to these sites as well as boxed lunches for volunteers will be provided by the College.

Students, faculty and staff can sign up outside by visiting the Office of Career Development. Alumni may sign up by contacting Maureen McLaughlin, director of alumni relations at 215-248-7137 or mclaughlinm1@chc.edu

For more information on what the day will entail or if you have any questions about getting involved, contact Juliana Mosley, officer for diversity and inclusion (215-242-7751 or mosleyj@chc.edu) or Ryan Murphy, director of service learning (215-248-7032 or murphyr@chc.edu).

Big Griff enjoys his day at the zoo.


Big Griff at the Elmwood Park Zoo

Every year, National Bison Day is celebrated on the first Saturday in November, which this year was November 4. Since 2014, the Elmwood Park Zoo has also celebrated the birthday of their mascot, Bubby the Bison, on the same day. This year, Big Griff joined in the birthday fun and helped Bubby commemorate his fourth birthday alongside mascot pals, Swoop of the Philadelphia Eagles and Screwball of the Reading Fightin Phils, the Double-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies.




Santa Claus Came to Town!Children share their wish list with Santa.

Dozens of wide-eyed children (and their families, with cameras in hand) joined Santa and Mrs. Claus for CHC's annual Breakfast with Santa on December 10. After a hearty meal, and some time spent coloring pictures and ornaments, the youngsters were more-than ready to visit with the couple from the North Pole. 



’Tis the Season for Giving

Chestnut Hill College recognizes its most generous annual donors with membership in the Fleur de Lis Society. Conceived in 2003, this society emphasized the importance of CHC’s Griffin Fund (annual fund) and was used to publically thank donors of $1,000 or more. These leadership gifts are vital to the ongoing operational success of the College.

Members receive a special fleur de lis pin — a symbol of unity representing the shared mission and core values between the College and the Sisters of Saint Joseph — that recognizes their steadfast commitment to the College and its students. The stylized lily is also part of the College seal and an iconic image to CHC.

To learn more about the Griffin Fund and ways in which to support Chestnut Hill College, visit https://www.chc.edu/give.


Author in the Classroom

Students in Sara Kitchen's class pose with copies of John Wall's book after he met with the class to discuss his work.Professor John Wall from Rutgers University visited CHC in late November and spoke to The World Justice and Care for Children class taught by Sara Kitchen, J.D. Wall earned his Ph.D. in Religious Ethics from the University of Chicago in 1999 and wrote the text used in Kitchen’s class, “Children’s Rights, Today’s Global Challenge.”  In 2006, Wall also helped create North America’s first doctoral program in Childhood Studies. 


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