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The Legacy of the Russian Revolution Conference

Legacy of
the Russian Revolution Conference

November 16-18, 2017
Chestnut Hill College

In 2003, the History and Political Science Department of Chestnut Hill College inaugurated the Legacy Conference series

Previous conferences addressed the “Kennedy Legacy” (2003), “The Legacy of the Second World War” (2005), “The Legacy of 1968” (2008), “The Legacy of the Civil War” (2011), and “The Legacy of World War I” (2014).  Keynote speakers have included Omar Bartov, Michael Burlingame, Thomas Childers, Robert Dallek, Laura Lee Downs , Carol Fink, Sheldon Hackney, Elizabeth Varon,  and Jay Winter.

This conference commemorates the centennial of the Russian Revolution – one of the major events  that profoundly affected the political, military, diplomatic, social, cultural, and intellectual  realms of the 20th and early 21st centuries and provoked contradictory responses and interpretations ever since.

Keynote speakers for the conference are Sheila Fitzpatrick (University of Sydney, Australia; University of Chicago, emeritus) and Wendy Goldman (Carnegie Mellon University).

There will be an opening event scheduled for Thursday evening, November 16th.  Conference sessions will be scheduled for Friday, November 17th and Saturday, November 18th.

The conference will be held at the Commonwealth Chateau on the Sugarloaf campus of Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA.

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