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For Faculty

For Faculty


Faculty FAQs

Do you have questions about how the Writing Center support students through writing tutoring (and what we don’t do)? Would you like more information about how the Writing Center supports faculty through in-class workshops and individual consultations? Check out our Faculty FAQ.

Request an In-Class Workshop

You can send your students to the Writing Center, but did you know that you can also bring the Writing Center directly to your students?  
  • · Our brief Introduction to the Writing Center workshops give your students an overview of our services as well as chance to meet one of our tutors, which can make asking for help feel less intimidating.  
  • · We can also provide direct instruction related to a class-wide writing challenge that your students are facing.  
    • o Maybe you've noticed that your students don't take revision as seriously as you'd like.  
    • o You might be feeling frustrated that students are simply summarizing what they read instead of taking a position and defending it with evidence.  
    • o Perhaps students in your courses have historically struggled with a particular writing assignment, such as a literature review or book analysis.
The Writing Center can help! You can choose one of our workshop topics, which we will adapt for your assignment, OR request a specialized topic designed with your course and students in mind.  
To request an in-class workshop, use our Workshop Request Form to identify a topic and some potential dates. Not sure which topic is right for your class? Check out our In-Class Workshop FAQ or contact Jaime Longo to discuss possibilities.

Introduce your Students to the Writing Center

No time in your class schedule for an in-class workshop? No problem! You can use our Writing Center PPT with your class to introduce students to our resources. In addition, ALL Canvas Courses include information about the Writing Center on the Student Support Services page, which can serve as an easy reference.



Writing Resources for Faculty

Writing a Letter for Recommendation for a student can feel like a fraught task. Our PPT guide provides some strategies for writing meaningful and effective recommendations.


Contact Us:

Jaime Lynn Longo, Ph.D. 

Director of the Writing Center

SJH 333  
We look forward to working with you!
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