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Kelly Dunlavey '15

Kelly Dunlavey '15

Academic Department: 
Type of Information: 
Internship or Research
Internship Placement: 
Fox Chase Cancer Center

Kelly participated in what is now called the Immersive Research and Education Experience at Fox Chase Cancer Center, which gave her the opportunity to learn about biomedical research hands-on, allowing her to apply the knowledge she learned in class to a real-life high impact research project and to develop the skills she would need to continue in research, including imaging and culturing of cells.  

Kelly says "the internship gave me the opportunity to learn how to speak about my work in poster and presentation formats, which I had the chance to present at conferences including SEPCHE and the AACR student research day. And, perhaps most importantly, it helped me find a passion for research, which ultimately led me to my current work pursuing a Ph.D. in cell and molecular biology at University of Pennsylvania."


"CHC absolutely prepared me for my graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania," says Kelly. During my time at CHC, the faculty provided me with excellent mentorship; I could go to any of them about the graduate school application process and get excellent advice."

"When it came time to enter graduate school, I found that my CHC classes had given me the solid understanding of cell and molecular biology that I needed to succeed. My internship at Fox Chase Cancer Center also gave me the strong research experience expected of incoming students. My graduate career is off to a strong start because of my time at CHC.”

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