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Janelle Leo '17

Janelle Leo '17

Forensic Biology
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Internship or Research
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Center for Forensic Science and Research Education

During the summer of her junior year, Janelle Leo '17 interned at the Center for Forensic Science and Research Education in collaboration with the National Medical Services Lab in Willow Grove, Pa. Leo was one of a select few undergraduates to be granted this opportunity. There she spent up to 40 hours per week combining classroom work with laboratory experiences, while taking a summer course in organic chemistry.

Leo says she chose CHC specifically for its forensic biology program and loves the friendly atmosphere, small campus and science faculty. “They are great to work with and explain everything thoroughly so you know how to do your job. Without such great professors, I don't think that I would have enough confidence to pursue an internship of such prestige and be able to apply the basic skills I learned in my classes to the assignments I received at the internship,” she says.  Janelle is now in the Graduate Forensic Program at Arcadia University. 

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