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Internships in Biology and Environmental Sciences

Internships in Biology and Environmental Sciences

Our programs provide Biology majors with diverse opportunities to integrate rigorous academic study with practical experience.  Internships or Independent Studies place students under the direction of a department member or qualified scientist/mentor or physician at external graduate/medical schools and major research centers. It's not uncommon for an internship to lead to full-time employment after graduation.

Internship and Research Spotlights

Janelle in lab clothes

Janelle Leo '17, Center for Forensic Science and Research Education

During the summer of her junior year, Janelle Leo '17 interned at the Center for Forensic Science and Research Education in collaboration with the National Medical Services Lab in Willow Grove, Pa. Leo was one of a select few undergraduates to be granted this opportunity. There she spent up to 40 hours per week combining classroom work with laboratory experiences, while taking a summer course in organic chemistry.

She had hands-on experiences learning how to use instrumentation to perform analytical tests in an actual forensic laboratory. While processing mock casework, Leo ultimately became proficient in following standard operating procedures, running instrumentation and conducting data analysis. The internship concluded with a courtroom-based mock trial where she and her fellow interns served as expert witnesses and attorneys to conduct direct and cross examinations. The main focus was for them to be able to recognize forensic evidence at crime scenes and understand its potential value for analysis to generate information for case investigation

Leo says she chose CHC specifically for its forensic biology program and loves the friendly atmosphere, small campus and science faculty. “They are great to work with and explain everything thoroughly so you know how to do your job. Without such great professors, I don't think that I would have enough confidence to pursue an internship of such prestige and be able to apply the basic skills I learned in my classes to the assignments I received at the internship,” she says.


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Kelly's photo

Kelly Dunlavey '15, Fox Chase Cancer Center

Here is how Kelly described her internship experience:

"I participated in what is now called the Immersive Research and Education Experience at Fox Chase Cancer Center, which gave me the opportunity to learn about biomedical research hands-on, allowing me to apply the knowledge I learned in class to a real-life high impact research project and to develop the skills I would need to continue in research, including imaging and culturing of cells. 

"It also gave me the opportunity to learn how to speak about my work in poster and presentation formats, which I had the chance to present at conferences including SEPCHE and the AACR student research day. And, perhaps most importantly, it helped me find a passion for research, which ultimately led me to my current work pursuing a Ph.D. in cell and molecular biology."

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Brian Layden '19, Phage class research 

"The phage class that Chestnut Hill College hosted was a wonderful opportunity for us undergraduates. In this class, we discovered our very own new phages and had a chance to work in a lab with real research from start to finish. We practiced aseptic lab work and progressed at our pace. After reading the procedure, the rest was up to us. Thankfully we had a great teacher and amazing student aids that would assist us during struggles and help us think through our problem. It was an amazing experience that I hope to continue with a published paper and presentation."

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