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Part-time Assistant Women’s Lacrosse Coach

Part-time Assistant Women’s Lacrosse Coach


Reports to Head Coach, Assistant Directors of Athletics, and Athletic Director.


·       Possesses and maintains a high moral character that is in congruence with the expectations of the Mission of Chestnut Hill College.
·       Possesses a good knowledge of the sport assigned including, but not limited to, knowledge of training and conditioning techniques and the ability to diagnose player deficiencies and prescribe corrective activities.
·       Candidate should possess collegiate experience as an athlete and/or coaching experience in the college or high school setting.
·       Possess a good ability to communicate with student athletes and parents.


·       Work with the Head Coach in selecting equipment, supplies and uniforms for the particular sport.
·       Work with the Head Coach in scheduling independent games in conjunction with the assistant athletic director.
·       Assume the responsibilities for the development of the specific team within the total program, under the direction of the head coach.
·       Show respect for officials, opposing coaches, visiting teams, parents, fans, student athletes, fellow coaches, and faculty.
·       In the absence of the Head Coach attend all meetings called by conference and athletic director.
·       Recruit and contact prospective student athletes to the athletic program, working closely with the Admissions Department and the Athletic Department.
·       Demonstrate an interest in the classroom efforts and off-season activities of athletes.
·       Notify all members of the team of all policies, procedures, and training rules as they pertain to the team.
·       Promote unity within the coaching staff and within the framework of the Athletic Department.
·       Be responsible for the conduct of the student athletes and other involved students at all times: practices, games, bus rides, locker room, etc.
·       Work to develop teamwork, morale, sportsmanship, courtesy, fair play, academic excellence, and strict adherence to rules of training and conduct.
·       Perform any other duties or responsibilities directly related to the coaching position as directed and/or needed.
·       Possess a valid driver’s license necessary for driving vans, if needed.
·       Maintain current CPR, AED, and First Aid certification.

Contact Information: 

Interested candidates may send a resume and cover letter to Brianne Timony, Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach, at

Chestnut Hill College is an equal opportunity employer