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Head Coach, E-Sports, Academic Success Coordinator

Head Coach, E-Sports, Academic Success Coordinator


In congruence with the Mission of Chestnut Hill College to provide an inclusive, holistic educational experience that underscores the primacy of relationships, the Head Coach is the individual charged (in conjunction with the Director of Athletics) with the responsibility, planning, programming, directing, supervising, and implementing of duties and functions for the individual sports program.  The Head Coach must work closely with all others involved in carrying out the philosophy and objectives of the intercollegiate athletic program.  The Head Coach is directly responsible to the Director of Athletics.  As a full-time member of the athletic department staff, the head coach will be assigned additional duties by the Director of Athletics including, but not limited to, the assignment of responsibilities working with the Assistant Director of Athletics for Academic Success and Community Engagement to support student-athlete academic success. 

  • Bachelor’s Degree from accredited college or university; Master’s Degree preferred.
  • Demonstrated knowledge about e-sports and the technology utilized for gaming.
  • Successful collegiate gaming and coaching experience preferred.
  • Competitive level experience with multiplayer online video games preferred.
  • Strong interpersonal communication and organizational skills.
  • Possess and maintain a high moral character congruent with the expectations of the Mission of Chestnut Hill College.
  • Proven ability to deal with very sensitive and personal information at times and to maintain strict confidentiality at all times.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of E-sports including, but not limited to, knowledge of training and conditioning techniques and the ability to diagnose player deficiencies and prescribe corrective activities.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate with student-athletes and parents.
  • Evening and weekend hours required.
  • Current CPR, AED, and First Aid Certification required.

Goal and Performance Responsibilities (Head Coach):

  • In an effort to develop the social and emotional learning model at the college, the head coach is responsible for recruitment and retention of student-athletes to the program. Working closely with the Admissions Department and the Athletics Department, it is the responsibility of the head coach to be all-inclusive (men, women, individuals with disabilities, etc.) when adding members to this program.    
  • Work with assistant coaches to develop the core competencies of social and emotional learning with the student-athletes including, but not limited to self-management, self-awareness, responsible decision-making, relationship skills, and social awareness.
  • Hire, train, and supervise assistant coach(es).
  • Comply with all College, Department, Conference and NCAA policies, and disseminate such information to assistant coaches and student athletes.  This includes annual completion of the NCAA coaching modules.
  • Work with the Assistant athletics director in purchasing equipment, supplies and uniforms for the particular sport.
  • Assist the athletics director in developing the annual budget.
  • Work with the Associate athletics director in scheduling independent contests.
  • Exhibit respect for opposing coaches, visiting teams, parents, fans, student-athletes, fellow coaches, and faculty.
  • Attend all meetings called by the Conference and/or athletics director.
  • Responsible for awards presentations made during the annual awards program.
  • Responsible for treating the academic achievement and requirements necessary for progress toward a degree as a matter of the highest priority for the student-athlete, and to be sensitive to class and final examination schedules when scheduling practice and game competition.
  • Provide leadership that promotes positive attitudes and good sportsmanship.
  • Inform team members of all policies, procedures, and training rules as they pertain to the team.
  • Promote unity within the coaching staff and within the framework of the Athletics Department.
  • Actively participate in institutional educational training such as drug and alcohol awareness programs, Title IX, Diversity and Inclusion, Mental Health Awareness, etc.
  • Serve as game administrator for assigned home events.
  • Work with IT to assure a quality student-athlete experience by updating technology when necessary.
  • Perform any other duties and responsibilities related to the coaching position as needed or directed by the Athletics Director.

Goal and Performance Responsibilities (Academic Success Coordinator):

  • Assist the Assistant Director of Athletics for Academic Success and Community Engagement.
  • Meet regularly with all first year student-athletes, transfers and at-risk student-athletes to monitor their personal and academic progress.
  • Advise and monitor the progress of all student-athletes who have received academic referrals, are on academic probation, or are in jeopardy academically.
  • Develop and implement student-athlete time management and study strategy workshops, and course registration workshops.
  • Work closely with the Teaching and Learning Center to schedule tutoring sessions for student-athletes as needed.
  • In conjunction with head coaches in the Athletics Department, ensure student-athletes are completing allotted study hall hours on a weekly basis.  Communicate with the coaches when student-athletes are not attending class, missing assignments, etc.
  • Work with the Chief Mission Officer of the College and the Director of the Institute for Forgiveness and Reconciliation to provide programming and experiences that reinforce the core values and spirit of the Chestnut Hill College Mission and that of the Sisters of Saint Joseph.
Contact Information: 

Interested candidates should send a cover letter, resume to (  No phone calls please.

Chestnut Hill College is an employer committed to a culture of diversity and inclusion as a core value.  In an effort to support our diverse student community, we embrace equal access and welcome applications from candidates of all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, and encourage applications from groups underrepresented in higher education.  We are committed to increasing the diversity of the college community and the curriculum.

Chestnut Hill College is an equal opportunity employer