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How to Become a Certified Teacher?

How to Become a Certified Teacher?

Programs at Chestnut Hill College are approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to prepare students for certification with the state. In order to become a certified teacher, students must meet the following exit criteria:

  • Complete all coursework, field experiences and/or required student teaching in the certification programs;
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher;
  • Successfully complete instructional exit competencies determined by the specific program requirements;
  • Pass all appropriate PECT/Praxis Series exams required by PDE;
  • Follow any and all other guidelines announced by PDE; and
  • Apply on TIMS for certification.

It is the responsibility of teacher and principal candidates to apply for certification once they have satisfactorily met the requirements. After the certifying officer of the Education Department receives application through the TIMS online system, the certifying officer has the ability to recommend the candidate by electronically signing and sending the application to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Intern Certification

Chestnut Hill College offers the Teacher Intern Program. This program is open to qualified applicants and allows a candidate to gain intern certification before completing the coursework necessary for Instructional I certification. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education website, the Intern certificate is a valid professional certificate that entitles the holder to fill a full-time professional teaching position. An Intern certificated individual is entitled to all rights and privileges of a temporary professional as defined by law. The current regulation provides that a Teacher Intern certificate qualifies the holder to fill a full-time teaching position in the certification endorsement area in elementary and secondary schools in Pennsylvania. For more detailed information about eligibility, see the PDE website at www.education.pa.gov.

Certificate/Certification Preparation Programs

All certification programs (no M.Ed.) in any of the above areas require the completion of listed course work with the exception of EDUC 520: Educational Research and Evaluation. Students are required to meet with their assigned advisor in order to review prior transcripts to determine necessary coursework. In order to be certified through PDE, students must pass PDE required tests in their area of concentration and complete the teacher preparation program coursework.

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