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Trauma Studies Concentration

Trauma Studies Concentration

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The Trauma Studies Concentration is one of seven concentrations for the M.S. Degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology.

Through didactic and experiential opportunities, the course work in this concentration will provide you with a competent and foundational knowledge base in conceptualizing, assessing and treating clients who have experienced a wide range of traumatic events in their lives.  Self-awareness activities along with self-care practices will be addressed and utilized throughout this curriculum.

This concentration fulfills the educational requirements for licensure as a professional counselor in Pennsylvania and in many other states.  Given the high lifetime prevalence rate of traumatic experience, this concentration would benefit all helping professionals in any type of workplace setting in providing trauma-informed care. 

A licensed practitioner with a concentration in Trauma Studies would be especially well positioned for employment in treatment centers working with high risk populations such as survivors of war and natural disaster, interpersonal and domestic violence, sexual assault and offense, juvenile justice and correctional populations, and community mental health.    

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Concentration Requirements

15 credits made up from the following courses:

  • PSYG 622   Intro to the Assessment & Treatment of Psychological Trauma
  • PSYG 624   Treatment of Complex Chronic Trauma Responses (622)
  • PSYG 626   Acute Incident Responding: Trauma Prevention & Early Intervention (622)
  • PSYG 628  Working Effectively in Trauma-Intensive Communities (622)
  • Plus one elective course of your choice (prerequisites apply)

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