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The Caritas Society

The Caritas Society

Caritas is one of the three core values in Chestnut Hill College’s motto – Fides, Caritas, Scientia (Faith, Charity, Knowledge).

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FY2019 – Updated as of 6/30/2019

Caritas is one of the three core values in Chestnut Hill College’s motto:  Fides – Caritas – Scientia (Faith, Charity, Knowledge).

The Caritas Society recognizes alumni and friends who have contributed or made irrevocable gifts of $500,000 or more in cumulative lifetime giving. Chestnut Hill College is most grateful to these donors for the transformational impact their gifts have on the College, its students and faculty.


$5,000,000 and above

Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


$1,000,000 - $4,999,999


Connelly Foundation

Joseph and M. Kathy Tigh Detrano '67

J. Hugh & A. Nancy O'Shea Devlin '64

Suzanne K. Dufrasne '58

Mary Jackson Fitzsimmons '35*

Carl Greer, Ph.D., Psy.D. & Patricia Tichenor Greer, M.A., Ph.D. '62

Jack Gulati, LLD & Rosemary Murphy Gulati, LLD '61

Rocco Martino, LLD & Barbara D'Iorio Martino, LLD '60

Michael G. McCaffery & Margaret Carney McCaffery '77 (D)

Elizabeth Clime Lockyer Merriam '42*

Christopher Papa, M.D. & Regina Cuta, M.D. '56

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Pennsylvania Department of Education

F. Michael Sharp in memory of Beverly Sharp

The W.W. Smith Charitable Trust

Harold Sorgenti, LLD* & Ann Rusnack Sorgenti, LLD '58

Rita Tofini '38*


$500,000 - $999,999


Annenberg Foundation

Association of Independent Colleges & Universities of Pennsylvania

Elinor Balsama *

Louise Bradley '52

Hilda E. Bretzlaff Foundation, Inc.

Patricia & John Cochran, III

Dwight V. Dowley*

Francis J. "Tim" Dunleavy* and Albina Dunleavy*

The Greer Foundation

Ruth Horcher '50*

James Maguire, LLD & Frances Maguire, LLD

The Maguire Foundation

Anna Marie McKenna '58

Joan Menaquale '53*

The Navesink Foundation

Kenneth & Janet Brown Quintal ’70 (D)

Maurice P. Ranc, Jr.* & Elizabeth Dyer Ranc ‘61*

Barbara and John C. Redmond, III

John Charles & Kathryn S. Redmond Foundation



(D) Board of Directors