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Forensic Sciences Summer Camp 2017

Forensic Sciences Summer Camp 2017

Students laying out the crime scene

The Forensic Sciences Summer Camp offers a unique opportunity to students grades 5-12 to participate in a week-long summer camp with immersion into the Forensic Sciences. The curriculum focuses on the collection and analysis of crime scene evidence such as serology, toxicology, entomology, odontology and trace evidence. It will also provide students with hands-on experience in several techniques used by professionals who conduct criminal investigations such as crime scene investigation, DNA typing, fingerprint classification, fabric and shoe print pattern comparisons and blood type testing. The camp is directed by Joe Kulkosky, Ph.D., chair of the College’s biology department. View photos of the program

Camp Sessions for Middle School Students

Middle school students can register for a one-week session shown below. The camp runs daily from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

July 24-28: Forensic Science session

Camp Sessions for High School Students

High School students can register for the one-week session shown below.

August 7-11: Forensic Science session

Fees and Registration

The fee for each session is $250. The fee must be received with the completed registration form in advance and registration is first come, first serve with each camp capped at 16 students.

Registration Form

Contact Information

Dr. Kulkosky
215-248-7157 (office)
215-327-3340 (cellular) with any additional questions.

Students at computer
Blood Type Analysis: Study of the ABO Blood Groups
Female student looking at speciman
I Wonder If I’m Type A, B, AB or O?
AH, HAH, Type AB!
Uuh, Oh, I’m Type O!
Genomic DNA Isolation From Epithelial Cheek Cells
Got My Own DNA!!!!!!
I Got My Own DNA Too!!!!!!!
Loading DNA Sample for Gel Electrophoresis
DNA Typing: Paternity Case
Who Killed the Pig? Dissection for Wound Identification
I Think He Likes Me!!!!!
He Liked Me But I Don’t Care Much For Him!
Busy Studying Evidence: Microscopy and Dissection
Orthodontics Evidence: Taking Teeth Impressions
I Don’t Think I Like This Stuff!!
Down To The Nitty-Gritty: Acquisition of Crime Scene Evidence
Tracing The Bodies of Poor Dr. K’s Murdered Students
The Crime Scene: Too Many Dead Bodies!
If The Shoe Don’t Fit You Must Acquit!!!!
Who Killed Dr. K’s Forensic Science Class?

Although all the students in Dr. K’s Summer Camp were murdered, they were brought back to life by organismal cloning and solved the crime by retrospectively analyzing evidence. It turns out the murderer was a female with light brown straight hair. A single bullet left at the crime scene matched the registered handgun of the student. This upper level undergraduate in Forensic Biology was too jealous of rising forensic high school students.