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Nora Madison, Ph.D.

Nora Madison, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Communication
Co-coordinator of the Women's Study Minor
DeSales 3
Educational Background: 

PhD, Communication, Culture, and Media, Drexel University
BA, Sociology, minor in Women's Studies, Arcadia University

Courses Taught: 
  • Introduction to Communication
  • Gender & Race in Media
  • Grant Writing
  • Media Literacy
  • Media & Society
  • Senior Seminar in Communication
  • Social Media Culture
  • Theories & Research Methods in Communication
Scholarly Interests: 
  • Social and cultural impacts of new media
  • Online activism
  • Digital representation
  • Social semiotics
  • Queer Theory

Dr. Madison has presented her research around the world, including an invited talk at Sweden’s International Science Festival in 2013.


In 2012 Nora Madison was awarded the Emerging Scholars International Research Fellowship, a financial award to support dissertation data collection and analysis. The Fellowship was awarded through the International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society (IASSCS) and funded by the Ford Foundation.

Selected Publications: 

Madison, N. (forthcoming in 2017) Representing Bisexuality in the Digital Age. In Paul Nixon & Isabel Düsterhöft (eds.) Sex in the Digital Age. Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishers.

Klang, M., Madison, N. (2016). The Domestication of Online Activism. First Monday. 21(6). doi:10.5210/fm.v21i6.6790

Shumar, W., Madison, N. (2013). Ethnography in a Virtual World. Ethnography and Education. 8(2): 255-272. 

Selected Presentations and Workshops: 

Madison N. Digital Bisexuality: The Semiotics of Online Sexual Identity. Association of Internet Researchers. Phoenix, AZ. October 21-24, 2015.

Madison N. Technologies of Visibility: Digital Mediations of Identity Online. International Communication Association. San Juan, Puerto Rico. May 21-25, 2015.

Madison N. Technologies of Subjectivity: Systems of Production and Enactment in Online Spaces. Theorizing the Web. New York, NY. April 25-26, 2014.

Madison N. The Doctor, The Succubus, The Dragon, and the Problem of Three: Representations of Bisexuality in Popular Media. Popular Culture Association. Chicago, IL. April 16-19, 2014.

Madison N. New Mediations of Bisexuality: Findings from the Emerging Scholars Research Fellowship. International Association of Sexuality, Culture, and Society. Buenos Aires, Argentina. August 28- September 3, 2013.

Madison N. Framing Bisexuality: the label, the performance, and the paradox. Gender, Bodies, and Technology. Roanoke, VA. April 26-28, 2012

Madison N. The Articulation of Bisexual Identities in New Mediascapes: Negotiating (in)Visibility Online. International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture & Society. Madrid, Spain. July 6-10, 2011.

Madison N. Bi Watchdogs: Negotiating Identity and Anxiety Online. Association of Internet Researchers. Gothenburg, Sweden. October 20-23, 2010.