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Jared Bahir Browsh, Ph.D.

Jared Bahir Browsh, Ph.D.

Jared Bahir Browsh
Director, Digital Communication Program
Assistant Professor of Communication

Jared Bahir Browsh is a mass communication scholar, journalist, and media producer. They have over 15 years of experience in digital media with over 10 years in communication education. Their research examines the history of media companies, producers, and industries to examine the political-economic roots of unequal representation in content, and how the inclusion of historically marginalized groups has been limited on screen, in news coverage, and behind the scenes. Their most recent work examines the careers of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, including the current project examining their influence on rebooting television franchises and properties.

Educational Background: 

Bachelor of Arts in Communication - University of Pennsylvania '07

Master of Arts in Broadcasting, Telecommunications, and Mass Media - Temple University '17

Doctor of Philosophy in Communication - University of Colorado-Boulder '18

Selected Publications: 
“Capitalization in a Half-Shell: Multimedia, Cross-Demographic Marketing of Animated and Comic Content” in Animated Mischief: 30 years of Cartoon Subversion edited by Brian Duchaney and David Silverman (McFarland, 2022)

“Taking Our Ball And Staying Home: Nationalistic Exceptionalism in US Sports Broadcasting” Athlete as a National Symbol: Politics, Protest, and Sport, edited by Nicholas Villanueva, McFarland, 2020


“Number One in the Hood, G’: How Hip Hop Helped Adult Swim Get to the Top,” Southwestern Educational Council for Journalism and Mass Communication, Southwestern Mass Communication Journal, Spring 2019