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SGA Candidate Forum

SGA Candidate Forum

September 14, 2017 - 6:00pm
Gruber Theater, Library

Student Government Association

Election Candidate Process


Executive Board Position 

  • President (Open ONLY to current SGA members)
  • Vice President
    • Social Media


Class Officer Position

  • Senior Class President (Open ONLY to Seniors) 
  • Senior Class Vice President (Open ONLY to Seniors)
    • Community Engagement 
  • Junior Class President (Open ONLY to Juniors) 
  • Junior Class Vice President (Open ONLY to Juniors) 
    • Financial Affairs
  • Sophomore Class President (Open ONLY to Sophomores) 
  • Sophomore Class Vice-President (Open ONLY to Sophomores)
    • Academic Affairs
  • Freshman Class President (Open ONLY to Freshman) (Vacant) 
  • Freshman Class Vice President (Open ONLY to Freshman) (Vacant)
    • Student Life


How to run for a position?


Class Officer Position

  • 50 signatures (bring to the forum)
  • A form of advertising
  • Give a speech at the SGA forum Thursday, September 14th at 6:00 pm
  • Have the person who held your position before sign this form


Please pick from these list of advertising ideas – We encourage you to use our green options


  • Social Media – send to SGA President for approval
  • PowerPoint slides – send to Jordan Maxwell to be posted 
  • Posters/flyers – bring to SAO for a stamp of approval
  • Door tags for residence halls – bring to SAO for approval 
  • Other ideas of your own that are approved by the SGA President 
Open/Applies to: 
All Current Students