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Library Card Sign-Up Day

Library Card Sign-Up Day

September 8, 2020 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Join us for information on how libraries can help you (for FREE) and how you can get yourself library cards. Register here:


Since 1987, Library Card Sign-up Month has been held each September to mark the beginning of the school year. During the month, the American Library Association and libraries unite in a national effort to ensure everyone signs-up for their own library card.

Throughout the school year, librarians and library staff will assist patrons with materials and programs, saving them hundreds of dollars on educational and fun resources and services. From free access to programs/activities, print and digital resources, in-person and virtual help,and technology workshops to the expertise of librarians, a library card is one of the most cost effective and important back to school supplies available.   

Logue Library: CHC students, faculty, staff, alumni, and SSJ are all set!

SEPCHE: Opens your world up to an additional 7 academic libraries.locally

TCLC: Access to an additional 27 academic libraries regionally

Free Library of Philadelphia: You're entitled to a free FLP card simply for being a CHC student or employee - that means so much good stuff!

Your local public library: even more amazing resources and programs at your fingertips!

Open/Applies to: 
All Current Students