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How I Discovered I Was Black...Because Everyone Keeps Reminding Me

How I Discovered I Was Black...Because Everyone Keeps Reminding Me

February 27, 2020 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
East Parlor, Rotunda, St. Joseph Hall

Join Chestnut Hill College in welcoming Rodney Whittenberg, award-winning musical producer, songwriter, filmmaker and composer, as he presents his new one-man show, "How I Discovered I Was Black...Because Everyone Keeps Reminding Me." The show is free and open to the public.

The show details Whittenberg's life and personal experiences from growing up as a middle-class African American in Philadelphia in the 1960s-80s. Through a combination of films, storytelling and song, Whittenberg tells his story and invites the audience to come along for the journey. 

More on Rodney:

Melodyvision is Rodney Whittenberg’s platform for bringing his broad creative talents to the world. Rodney is an Emmy Award-winning modern “renaissance man”.  His interests and professional endeavors range from music composition to full-length film production.  He is fascinated by discovering what makes things tick and how to creatively intersect with them, whether it is the inner vision of his clients or new ways to use the latest technical advances.  

Rodney Whittenberg is founder of Melodyvision, where he works as a Creative Consultant by using his skills as a composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, filmmaker and educator. He brings a fresh perspective to each client and project, adding value that results in creative solutions for often complex problems. Rodney has composed music for over 34 films and TV shows, and countless dance performances. Projects include: Anthony Bourdain’s show A Cooks Tour; PBS POV Documentary The Camden 28; and horror cult classics Infested and Return to Sleep Away Camp. He's received a regional Emmy for his score for the TV Documentary Mother Dot’s Philadelphia and Best Sound Design at the Terror Film Festival for Toll Taker.  

His recent CD projects as producer and engineer include: Zones, by Philadelphia Percussion Project, featuring classical composer Jennifer Higden; and Naked World, by world jazz vocalist Phyllis Chappell. He's the creator and host of the podcast Pre-Concert, an interview show where listeners meet and preview upcoming performances. Clients include PEW's Philadelphia Music Project, Philadelphia's Orchestra 2012, Montgomery County Community College, and Intercultural Journeys. Interviews include: jazz pianist Cyrus Chestnut; jazz bass player Ron Carter; jazz pianist and composer Omar Sosa; and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer and cast of the opera Silent Night.

Rodney's work as a filmmaker centers around his passion for creative storytelling. Projects include: HBO Family segments 30X30: Kid Flicks; WHYY's Wider Horizon educational spots; and numerous music videos and short-form documentaries. His most recent passion project is as co-producer of the feature-length documentary Caregivers: Their Passion, Their Pain, which was recently featured on "Radio Times" and written up in The Guardian.  More info at www.caregiversfilm.com.

Rodney began his career in teaching in 1989 at Project Learn.  Since then, he has continued as a teacher and adjunct professor at Lincoln University, University of the Arts, Philadelphia Community College, Drexel University, Scribe Video Center, Rosemont College, Philadelphia University, Lisa Wolfe School of Music, and has worked with private students across the country.  He consulted on the music curriculum for Southeast Delco School District, and has contributed chapters to various educational publications. He has given lectures and workshops at the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, the College of William and Mary, and Bryn Mawr College.  He also was executive director of the Banner Project, an anti -violence anti-drug Arts education program. He also designed and developed many after-school programs and intergenerational programs 

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