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Contemporary Family Conference

Contemporary Family Conference

May 5, 2023 - 8:30am to 5:00pm
East Parlor, St. Joseph Hall, Chestnut Hill College

Linking research with clinical practice, this text shows therapists how to do evidence-based practice when treating comtemporary families. Today's families are diverse and complex, and their problems do not always improve when tratment focuses on addressing a diagnosis. To achieve a successful, lasting change, therapists must help families change their patterns of interaction. This conference examines several common interactional challenges that contemporary families face such as co-parenting, divorce, intimate partner violence, blending families, and loss and bereavement. For each challenge contributors examine research regarding the concern as well as research on multiple diverse family types, and then provide clinical examples showing how to develop interventions for these family types. With its combined focus on inclusion, social justice, and evidence-based practice, this conference will help clinicians work with today's diverse families in effective, culturally responsive ways.

Conference presenters include CHC professors, alumni, current students, and more. CHC students are admitted into the conference for FREE. Students from other institutions can register for $25 and professionals can register for $50. For more information, visit https://phillycfp.org/?page_id=572.


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