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Employee Return to Work Guide

Employee Return to Work Guide


The Employee Return to Work Guide is intended to mitigate the risks of the spread of COVID-19 as employees begin to return to work on campus. The health and safety of the entire College community is dependent on all employees making a personal commitment to follow and model compliance with this guide in order to sustain a healthy campus. It is important that all employees diligently adhere to all policies and procedures as set for in this guide.

As an added level of accountability to each other, all employees are expected to abide by and follow the principles set forth in the COVID-19 Honor Code Policy 2.30 to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for the entire College community.

This guide is subject to frequent change with the introduction of additional public health guidelines from local, state, and federal authorities. Any amendments or updates will be communicated promptly through Human Resources and the Chestnut Hill College website and will take effect as of the date and time of publication. It is expected that this guide, or subsequent versions of it, will be in force through at least the 2020 fall semester and may be modified at any time. 


This guide applies to all employees who return to work in person on the College’s campus, are planning to do so, or they are in attendance at College sponsored events, such as coaches at off campus athletic games. This guide also applies to graduate and undergraduate students upon their return to campus to work. Separate policy guidance will be issued for students as they return to campus for academic coursework. The College expects all employees who currently work remotely to familiarize themselves with, and abide by, the terms of this guide during any subsequent visit or an eventual return to campus.

Multi-Phased Return to Campus for Employees

Chestnut Hill College will establish a phased return of essential and non-essential employees in a coordinated process as permitted by local, state, and federal guidelines. Once approved, employees will receive sufficient notice from their Supervisors and/or Deans with regard to timing and circumstances allowing their return to work on campus. Employees should not return to campus until receiving such notification.

Once decisions have been made to bring employees back to campus, employees are required to follow the policies and protocols detailed in this guide for returning to work on campus.

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