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Cody Jett ’11

Cody Jett ’11

Criminal Justice and Elementary Education
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Job or Graduate School: 
Information analyst for CHOP's Analytical and Reporting Department

Finding the job: The application process was very lengthy and consisted of code test, phone interviews and in-person interviews with multiple team members. It can definitely be discouraging when you’re interviewing for a position and the process takes weeks to conduct. But it is worth it!

Advice to Undergrads: My advice would be this: Do not narrow your futures goals to just your major. Enjoy all the experiences life and college offer you. You are more than just that major and you may find joy in a career outside of your major. As you can see I certainly have.

What I Miss Most: I miss the winter and summer breaks! Take full advantages of those, because one day you’re going to have to get permission from a boss for vacations!

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