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BeWell @ CHC

BeWell @ CHC


The BeWell Program at Chestnut Hill College aims to guide students to discover their personal strengths and utilize them to set empowering goals towards maximal holistic health and wellness. Wellness is not a final destination, but rather, an active, ongoing process that involves becoming aware of, and taking steps towards a healthier, happier, and more successful life! The BeWell program at Chestnut Hill College offers students practical knowledge, hands-on workshops, fitness training, and group or private coaching surrounding the many dimensions of wellness: Career Wellness, Creative Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Environmental Wellness, Financial Wellness, Physical Wellness, Social Wellness and Spiritual Wellness.


Check Out this Week's Workouts!

Learn About Our Fitness Classes!

Monday FB Live Workouts with Darian!

With people being asked to stay at home, it's as important as ever that we find ways to get up and get active. Thanks to BeWell @ CHC, we have that opportunity through weekly workouts that you can follow along with on FB Live. The workouts are designed at the beginner level and are totally no pressure. Follow along for as long or as little in the session as you'd like!

Full playlist of workouts can be found on the CHC YouTube page or by using the links below!

Week 1 - Yoga Pilates Hybrid for Balance

Week 2 - Buns and Balance

Week 3 - Lightweight Cardio Blast

Week 4 - Strong Arms

Week 5 - The Human Squat Machine

Week 6 - Full Body Blast

Week 7 - Stabilization

Week 8 - Jelly Arms

Week 9 - Body Blast Blowout

Week 10 - Pulse!


Wednesday FB Live Yogalates Class with Kylie!

Virtual Yogalates! We can all feel overwhelmed at times - so take a midweek break and relax with BeWell @ CHC's yogalates class. It'll give you a 30-45 minute break every Wednesday at noon to practice your breathing, stretching, and mental focus. There will be progressions and regressions of moves - so everyone can join in at their own level and work on their own self needs. Follow along live on CHC's FB page!

Full playlist of workouts can be found on the CHC YouTube page or by using the links below!

Week 1 - Sun Salutation Variations

Week 2 - Stretches for Hip Flexors

Week 3 - More Stretches for Hip Flexors

Week 4- Spine Stretches

Week 5 - Stretches for Upper Body

Week 6 - Basic Yoga for All

Week 7 - Basic Yoga Practices

Week 8 - Relax and Recharge

Week 9 - Sun Salutation for Back


**Disclaimer: Please perform all BeWell workouts at your own risk**

Meet Your Coaches!


Darianyoga pose

From L to R:

BeWell Lead Coach and Trainer - Darian Leader M.S., '14              

Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach (The Institute for Integrative Nutrition)

Master of Science in Administration of Human Services (Chestnut Hill College)

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (Gettysburg College)


BeWell Yoga Fitness Instructor - Kylie Parish, M.S., '20

Certified Group Fitness Instructor (Athletics and Fitness Association of America)

Master of Science in Administration of Human Services (Chestnut Hill College)

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Rowan University)

Services Offered

No matter what your wellness goal is, we're here to help you achieve it!

Group Fitness Classes- Come break a sweat at one (or all!) of the various BeWell classes offered to you for free on campus. Taught by Certified Personal Trainers, you will learn to move your body for health and maximize your cardiorespiratory and musculature abilities!  All levels are welcome; modifications and hands-on direction will be offered. Please check the class schedule for weekly offerings and details.

Connect-Up (COMING SOON!): Group Wellness Circle –In-person small group connection among students whom are sharing similar challenges and searching for solutions and support from others. This group coaching circle offers peer support where the shared goal is change or adjustment through the exchange of ideas and strategies, to overcome common developmental, social, and academic stressors, as well as healthy lifestyle skills development. Facilitated and mentored by a Licensed Social Worker, this group welcomes all students seeking supportive guidance!

Connect-up Group meets once a week, see the calendar for details and location!  

Personal Holistic Wellness Coaching: Ready to make a health-related change but not sure where to start? Schedule a private session with a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach to discuss the many dimensions (emotional, physical, social, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, and environmental) of preventative holistic wellness! Wellness Coaching encourages a positive and collaborative relationship, focusing on your strengths, to identify and set personal goals in the areas of fitness, nutrition, weight management, sleep habits, relationships, and all aspects of general wellness. Coaching offers an empowering space to create healthy lifestyle habits and feel like the best version of yourself!

Please email Certified Nutrition Coach, Darian Leader @ to get started!

Common Themes for Wellness Coaching

  • Stress Management
  • Improving Social and Romantic Relationships
  • Healthy Eating and Fitness Behaviors
  • Improving Self Confidence
  • Ability to Navigate Transitions

Wellness Blog and Tips

Bringing you healthy lifestyle facts and tips on all aspects of nutrition, fitness and general wellness! Please email Darian Leader at with topics that you would like to learn about! 

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