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Personal Librarian

Personal Librarian

Unfamiliarity with their college library can prevent students from finding information for the papers and presentations they’ll be producing.  Each first year student is teamed with a Personal Librarian to answer their library questions, and to assist them in searching for and locating books, articles and video material.  Whether these are found in the library or are available online, it helps to have someone “in the know” to guide to the best that Logue library has to offer.

Personal Librarians will help students develop a search strategy that can reward them with reliable research closely matching their needs.  Using that help and adding some of their own writing skill, they can submit good reports and papers every time.

Each new student receives notification of the name and contact information of the Personal Librarian who is their direct link to the Logue library.  Through the semester their librarians will reach out, and, of course, students are always welcome to visit the library or get in touch for help.

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