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A wide shot of the St. Joseph Hall building of the College taken from the grotto / lower parking lot. 

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The School of Undergraduate Studies offers traditional age students the opportunity to pursue their passion in 31 possible majors (and 36 minors) and you’ll do so with some of the best minds in the field right by your side, adapting to your personal learning style and helping you get the most out of your education. 


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The School of Continuing & Professional Studies offers 13 diverse learning programs in which you can earn a degree or receive a certificate. The ACCELERATED Degree Program's design focuses on the adult learner and provides a holistic overview of components required in pursuit of a liberal arts degree. The degrees offered respond to the needs of adult students seeking practitioner's majors in areas of career interest.


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The School of Graduate Studies upholds a long tradition of academic excellence that can help you turn your knowledge, skills, and experience into a career full of purpose. We offer a variety of master’s degree programs, certifications, and certificates in Administration of Human Services, Education, Holistic Spirituality, Clinical and Counseling Psychology, and Instructional Technology, as well as an APA-accredited Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology.