International Business

Minor - 18 credits

The International Business minor is designed to provide students with an understanding of the theory, structure and process of international economics, business practices, and cultures. Students will gain a working knowledge of the analytical aspects of the international economic system, global economic theory, an understanding of international politics and economic effects of international economic policies on culture. Cultural differences that underlie today’s global structure of production and overall business environment will also be explored. Students must earn a grade of C- (1.70) or better in courses required to successfully complete the requirements for the Minor. Requirements:

  • ACCT-103: Financial Accounting (WOK: Behavioral)
  • ECON-101: Principles of Macroeconomics (WOK: Behavioral)
  • ECON-211: Introduction to Global Economics (WOK: Behavioral)
  • MGMT-304: Culture in International Business Decision-Making
  • PSCI-341: International Political Economy (WOK: Behavioral)
  • Plus one language course (3 credits) at the 200-Level or above.