Department of Safety and Campus Security

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Department of Campus Safety and Security to fully support the educational mission of the College by creating a safe and secure campus environment for the students, faculty, support staff and administration, predicated on mutual respect and responsibility.

Values: “SECURE"  

  • Safety: Provide an atmosphere of safety and protection throughout the campus.
  • Educate: Demonstrate the importance of campus safety through student and staff educational programs and seminars.
  • Coordination: Insure that all officers are properly and adequately trained to excel in their positions in campus safety and security.
  • Unity: Develop an ongoing proactive relationship with all College departments assuring quick and deliberate security response actions.
  • Responsibility: Honor our service commitment to the students, staff, faculty and administration of Chestnut Hill College
  • Enforce: Enforce College safety and security policies and procedures to develop a level of compliance and ensure personal responsibility.


We encourage the students, faculty and staff to be alert, to take precautions, and to report anything suspicious, unusual or of a criminal nature to the Department of Safety and Campus Security by dialing extension 7777 from an on campus phone or 215.242.7777 from off campus or a cell phone. The main security desk is located in Fournier Hall. The number to the information desk, which is also located at the security station, is 215.248.7090. In addition, there are several emergency phones located throughout the campus inside the buildings. Ten emergency blue light phones are located throughout campus.

For questions about Security please contact: 

Polly Teti

Director of Safety & Campus Security


Harold Spells

Assistant Director of Safety & Campus Security