Grammar and Style


If you are uncertain of grammatical terms or need assistance identifying grammatical issues in your writing, make an appointment at the Writing Center. Other useful resources include the following:

Purdue University Online Writing Lab - includes review of grammatical concepts, examples, and practice


Purdue OWL covers sentence structure and variety, punctuation, concision, word choices (informal vs. formal), verb tense, subject-verb agreement, pronouns, possessives/apostrophes, among many other concepts. On the homepage, click “Purdue Online Writing Lab,” (orange rectangle) or use the search box to locate specific resources.


Purdue OWL also includes a site dedicated to English Language Learners 

Twelve Common Grammatical Errors explained by the University of Wisconsin Writing Center


Visit the CHC Writing Center for handouts and books on grammar, mechanics, and style.


APA Formatting

For a tutorial on the basics of APA formatting, click here. (Powerpoint Presentation)