College Success Plans


The Office of Student Success staff is committed to helping students make the most of their college experience and will proactively reach out to students throughout their time at CHC to offer individual support and guidance.


Goal Setting & Action Plans

All students have expectations about their college experience. Some students want to get straight A’s, others want to get a good internship, others want to be a campus leader, and many want to do all three and more! No matter what you’d like to accomplish, it can be challenging to do so without a plan. The staff in the Office of Student Success will guide students in identifying their individual goals for their college experience and assist them in developing an action plan in order to achieve them.


Students Experiencing Obstacles

College is an exciting time, but it can also be very challenging. Students may experience obstacles during their time at CHC, whether academic, social, emotional, health-related, or family emergencies, that may prevent them from completing their college goals. At these times, the staff of the Office of Student Success will assist students in brainstorming solutions and developing an action plan in order to help students stay on track and accomplish their individual educational goals.


Contact the Office of Student Success to set up an appointment to ensure we are available when it’s convenient for you, and always feel free to drop in with any question or concern.