All vehicles parked on campus must display a valid Chestnut Hill College parking permit and must be parked in the area designated by that permit. Here is some helpful information about parking at CHC:

Student, Adjunct and Vendor permits are valid from September 1st – August 31st of each year. Full-time Faculty/Staff permits do not expire but individuals are required to register new vehicles. 



  • Student, Adjunct and Vendor permits are valid from September 1st – August 31st of each year. Full-time Faculty/Staff permits do not expire but individuals are required to register new vehicles. 

  • Resident Juniors and Seniors are permitted to park on the main campus or the Sugarloaf campus (depending on the parking permit purchased). 
  • Resident first-year and sophomore students who are granted appeals must park at SugarLoaf. 
  • Permits must be paid for before they are distributed and are obtained online. 
  • Permits can be obtained online.  
  • Permits for the academic year (valid now until August 31, 2014) cost $140.95 (this includes the permit, a transaction fee and shipping & handling).  
  • The purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space. 
  • Parking is at your own risk. Chestnut Hill College is not responsible for damage to or theft from vehicles parked on campus.
  • Parking is permitted in handicapped spaces only with a College permit AND a state issued handicapped placard.  
  • A STUDENT (Resident, Commuter, SCPS/SGS) parking permit is valid in all student parking spaces.  Please note that this DOES NOT include the Fournier Circle, the lot behind Fournier, Brennan Drive (aka The Hill) or any other spot marked Reserved, Faculty/Staff and or Green Sticker Parking.  Parking in these spaces will result in a ticket.  
  • Lincoln Woods Management reserves the right to tow cars illegally parked in their lots.   Any cars that are towed are the responsibility of the individual and the College cannot assist in this process. 
  • All parking policies are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please note that Resident, Commuter and SCPS/SGS permits are NEVER valid in Faculty/Staff parking or Reserved Parking. SugarLoaf permits are NEVER valid for parking on Main Campus. Please note that being late to class or not being able to find a convenient spots are not valid reasons for violating these parking regulations. 
  • Please check this site frequently for updates. 


Vehicle registration

All vehicles operated and parked on College property by full- and part-time students, faculty, staff and vendors must be registered with the College. Students can get their permits online at the Permit Store. Permits are available 24 hours a day and should be acquired before the beginning of the school year. Parking regulations will be enforced beginning the second full week of school. Registrations must be renewed at the beginning of each academic year starting August 15th.



  1. The "registration year" extends from August 15th to August 15th of the following year.
  2. Registration stickers must be affixed to the driver's-side rear passenger window or the rear windshield. When registering, click "Get Temporary Permit," print it, and place it in the vehicle's rear windshield until you can replace it with the permanent permit.
  3. Vehicle registration does not guarantee a parking space, but affords the registrant the opportunity to part in authorized areas where sufficient space is available.
  4. If you cannot find a legal parking space, please call the public safety department at 215-242-7777 so an officer can assist you with parking.
  5. Parking permits may not be shared or transferred.



Undergraduate Resident Students

 Parking privileges are not granted to first-year (freshmen status) and sophomore resident students for a number of reasons. As a small residential campus, there are many opportunities for student engagement both in and out of class. Student success and satisfaction tend to be significantly higher when a student is actively involved in the community. While cars provide a convenience, the temptation to leave can be counterproductive at this crucial stage in the student’s college career. It would be more beneficial to invest in establishing a solid base at Chestnut Hill, building friendships and becoming involved in campus activities. Also, there is limited parking available on campus. Chestnut Hill also operates a shuttle service that allows students to conveniently reach shopping centers and public transportation without the need for a car. Therefore, first year and sophomore resident students are granted parking permits by special permission only and due to extraordinary circumstances. Please click here for the Resident Freshman/Sophomore Parking Waiver Petition Form.

Please note that more information about parking (including a map, fines and information about appeals) will be added shortly. Please check this site frequently for updates.

Parking FAQs

Do I need a permit to park on campus?

Yes, all full and part-time students are required to register their vehicle and obtain a Parking Permit to park anywhere on campus. Vehicles must be registered by August 31, 2013.  Parking permit applications will be available online by August 15th. Please check your e-mail for more information. 


I am a first-year or sophomore resident student. May I park my car on campus?

No. First-year and sophomore students are not permitted to have cars on campus. A small number of permits are available based on medical reasons, financial hardship and extenuating/personal reasons. Please click here for the Resident Freshman/Sophomore Parking Waiver Petition Form (due by August 1st).

I am a commuter, Continuing Studies or Graduate student. May I park my car on campus?

Yes. All commuters, Continuing Studies and Graduate students may obtain a permit regardless of class year.

I can't find a parking space? Where do I park?

Your parking permit does not guarantee you a parking spot on campus. There are often empty spaces near the end of the soccer field (where the parking lot hits Tobacco Road). Be mindful of large events on campus that may limit parking and try to arrive early if possible. Vehicles parked illegally or not in a valid space may be ticketed or towed.

I have guests coming to visit. Where do they park?

Register your guest with Campus Safety and Security, and they will provide a Temporary Parking Permit. All visitors must park in the lot near the soccer field.

Other Ways to Get Around!

Chestnut Hill College’s urban location is easily accessible by public transit. Having a car on campus is not required to enjoy all that the city and surrounding area have to offer. In fact, using the College Shuttle system, CHC Bike Share and public transportation are often easier, more economical (often free!) and environmentally friendly ways to get around.

Shuttle Service

Chestnut Hill College operates a shuttle between the Logue Library and SugarLoaf; at times the shuttle will also make trips to the Chestnut Hill SEPTA R7 and R8 stations and the athletic fields at Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School (as needed). On weekends, a Shopper Shuttle will travel between Logue Library, SugarLoaf, the R8 station, Plymouth Meeting Mall and the Metroplex.
Detailed schedules are posted on the College’s website, at shuttle stops on campus and on the flat screens around campus. Shuttle drivers can also inform you of any schedule updates.

Bike Share

CHC Bike Share is open to all students and employees with a valid CHC ID and in good standing with the College. There is no rental fee to use a CHC Bike Share bike. To be eligible to participate in CHC Bike Share, the student or employee must complete a CHC Bike Share Membership Agreement. The use of a CHC Bike Share bike includes a helmet, u-lock, or cable and key. All Bike Share Equipment is picked up and returned to the Griffin’s Den located in the Ground Floor of Fournier Hall. Use of the Equipment is strictly on a first come, first served basis. Reservations will not be accepted.

Public Transportation

The SEPTA L Bus picks up on Germantown Avenue directly across from the College’s main entrance. The L Bus provides service between the Plymouth Meeting Mall and the Olney Transportation Center. The (free) CHC Shuttle Service provides access to both the SEPTA R7 and R8 Regional Rail stations in Chestnut Hill. Both the R7 and R8 provide access to Center City Philadelphia, including access to Amtrak’s 30th Street Station for Amtrak all along the Northeast Corridor. The R7 can be taken through to Trenton, NJ for access to NJ Transit and from there New York’s Penn Station and Amtrak all along the Northeast Corridor. Regional Rail can also be used to visit friends at many of the Philadelphia area colleges and universities including Penn, Temple, Drexel, St. Joe’s and Villanova.