Director: Jayne F. Mashett
Admissions Counselor: Andrew McCarthy  or 215-248-7193
Graduate Office:  or 215.248.7170

These admissions policies apply to the following programs: Master’s Degrees, Graduate Certificates, Certifications, and Post-Master’s Certificates.
For Psy.D. admissions information please see PsyD information under Programs.


The School of Graduate Studies maintains a rolling admissions process. To allow adequate time for registration, guidelines for submission of application materials are as follows: Fall Term, July 1; Spring Term, November 1; Summer Term, April 1. Extensions may be granted on an individual basis by contacting the Graduate Admissions Director or Counselor.



  • INITIAL CONTACT with a member of the Graduate Office Staff who will respond to emails, phone calls, or walk-ins and provide the prospective student with application materials, program information, and answers to general questions.
  • CONSULTATION / INTERVIEW with a member of the Graduate Admissions Staff who explains the application process. This step, or attendance at an Information Session, is strongly recommended, but optional.
  • (NOTE: Submitted materials become property of Chestnut Hill College)
    The following materials and criteria are the basis for evaluating the qualifications of applicants to the School of Graduate Studies:
    1. Application form with fee (see online course guide or website for current fees)
    2. Official transcripts of all previous college and university study
    3. Three letters of recommendation
      Sources should be academic and professional; letters written by family or friends are not acceptable.
    4. Professional Goals Essay
      A substantive academic essay of 400-600 words (typed and double-spaced), which adheres to the instructions listed below:
      Explain academic and professional goals in relationship to life experiences and career plans. Describe the specific reasons the Chestnut Hill College program for which you are applying meets your goals and needs. Include your name, program of interest, and date on your essay. Both a writing specialist and department chair or coordinator will grade your essay on proficiency and writing style (overall writing ability, motivation, grammar, mechanics, punctuation, structure, punctuation, logic, development, etc) and content (goals’ compatibility with CHC program, coherence, and connection between educational goals, life experiences and career plans). Please, proof read your essay carefully.
    5. Standardized Test Scores
      • For Education applicants: PPST (Praxis I) or proof of teaching certification is mandatory for ALL education department applicants.
      • For departments other than Education: MAT or GRE scores (waived for those with a previous graduate degree)
    6. Two graduate level courses (six credits or more) with grades of “B” or better
      For Education Applicants with Cumulative Undergraduate GPA under 3.0
      (these may be taken at any accredited college or university)
    7. Interview with Department Chair/Program Coordinator
  • Qualified applicants may schedule an interview with the Department Chair/Program Coordinator when requirements have been received. (Exception: Education and Instructional Technology applicants may schedule an initial interview and/or transcript evaluation)
    NOTE: Informational meetings with a department representative may be
    possible prior to or during the application process. (Please check the current Information Session Calendar online for upcoming dates. Individual meetings are dependent on the availability of the department chairs and coordinators.)
    Upon receipt of all application materials and interview verification, the Director of Graduate Admissions, Department Chair, Graduate Dean, and, if applicable, the Director of International Student Services, review the file. Unless an extension is requested, all application materials must be received within one calendar year from date on first criterion received. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all materials have been received. Praxis results are sent to the education department and not reported to Graduate Admissions. Please notify the Graduate Office when the Praxis results have been sent. NOTE: Individual departments/programs may require additional criteria. (See department/program requirements.)


The following guidelines are used for evaluation of materials:

  • Compatibility of student’s credentials and goals with program objectives
  • Record of previous coursework
  • Ability to successfully complete graduate-level coursework as evidenced by
    standardized test scores
  • Written and oral communication skills
  • Academic / Professional recommendations

The applicant is notified of decision regarding acceptance or non-acceptance in writing.



International students must contact the Director of International Student Services for the international admissions information and have acceptable TOEFL scores.


After admission into a program, a student is not permitted to change programs without submitting a written request to the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies. The Dean will notify the Department Chair/Program Coordinator of the program to which the student is applying to determine if additional materials are needed for admission consideration. The student will be notified of additional requirements and of a decision.



Students in these categories may take up to six credits of graduate coursework by submitting an application, fee, and undergraduate transcript (official transcript must be received before the completion of the course. Grades will not be issued until the official transcript is received). These credits may be used for professional development, transfer, continuing education, or toward program requirements provided the student is accepted. While pre-matriculating students are not guaranteed acceptance and do not qualify for federal financial aid, this option may be used to start coursework while compiling criteria for matriculation. NOTE: If a non-matriculating student receives a grade of “C+” or below, the student will automatically be discontinued from the admissions process.
Degree: Students applying for a Master of Science, Master of Art, or Master of Education Degree
Non-Degree: Students applying for certificates, certifications, licensure preparation, and professional development in excess of the six-credit, non-matriculating limit.

All matriculating students must complete the entire admissions process in order to be considered for acceptance.

Graduates of any CHC program and students with previous graduate degrees are asked to contact the Graduate Admissions Counselor or Director to see if they qualify for waivers of certain criteria.

Once accepted, students must confirm their desired term to matriculate by contacting the Graduate Office. Absence for more than three consecutive terms jeopardizes status (see policies on Leave of Absence and Time Limitation.).