Financial Information


Note: For more information on financial aid beyond this summary, click here. 


 TUITION AND FEES Summer 2014-Spring 2015 

Summer 2015-Spring 2016 




 Tuition for all SCPS Courses  

$515.00 per credit

$525.00 per credit







Enrollment Fee - for all new SCPS students

 $200.00 one time fee





 Other Charges 



Deferred Payment Plan Enrollment Fee  

 $75.00 per term 


Transcript  Fee 

 $5.00 per transcript  


Transcript Fee (Same Day Service)     

$15.00 + $5.00 for each transcript


 Parking Permit 

 $135.00 per school year (Fall-Summer) plus processing fee of $5.95. Pro-rated for terms unattended. Must purchase online at  




Please note: Tuition and Fees are subject to change.    


Sources of Financial Aid 

The three main sources of financial aid are: 

  • Federal – Federal financial aid is available to SCPS students. Students may qualify for Pell Grant, Subsidized Direct Loan, Unsubsidized Direct Loan, and PHEAA State Grant. Students must complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to be eligible for federal aid. Eligibility for federal aid is determined by the federal government. Click here to complete you FAFSA online.  
  • Private Education  Loans- To apply for a loan, you need to complete either a paper application provided by the bank or an application on the bank’s web site. You can apply without a co-signer if you are a creditworthy applicant. With a Private Education Loan, you can usually defer repayment while you are in school. If you are interested in applying for the Private Education Loan, contact the Office of Student Financial Services for a list of banks offering those loans. You can also click here for further information.
  • Private Scholarships - Some private and local organizations have grants and scholarships available to students who apply for them. Check with your employer or with local organizations to see if you qualify for this aid.



Note: For more information on financial aid beyond this summary, click here.