The small community, the close interaction with professors, and the ability to do whatever she wants is why Jessica loves CHC.


Hometown: Middleton DE
Major/Minor: Communications
Activities: Goalie, Women’s Soccer


“As a high school soccer player, I was getting recruited by a lot of Division 1 schools—big schools. I didn't really want that because I wanted a small school where I could have more interaction with professors. I chose Chestnut Hill because I didn't have to sell my soul to soccer. Chestnut Hill is helping me develop into a really well rounded person. Since I have to be proficient in a lot of different things, I know that I’m prepared for the diverse demands of my career and home life.


So much has changed here since I started as a freshman. The social room is brand new. The fitness center is brand new. They've been doing a lot of updating to the campus and our fields and it's really cool to see. CHC keeps getting better and better. Without my scholarships, I wouldn't be able to learn the things I'm learning; I wouldn't be able to participate in the activities I am participating. Most importantly, I wouldn't be able to go out into the world and change people’s lives the way I want to.”