A quiet demeanor belies the passion that is part of Chris' makeup.


Hometown: Staten Island, NY

Major: Criminal Justice 

Minors: Sociology and History 

Accomplishments: Class Officer, Winner of the 2011 Saint Catherine's Medal


“Chestnut Hill offered me a generous scholarship, so I thought I would visit to check it out. Immediately, as I shut my car door in the parking lot, I just knew. This was the place. I felt so comfortable here. Everything else was secondary. I just felt 100 percent in the right place. The classes are small so I could build personal relationships with my professors. Even outside the classroom, it’s a small, supportive family. Being that it’s a Catholic, liberal arts institution, we are taught a little bit of everything. I feel like I’m a well-rounded individual. I have learned about my course of study but also how to interact well with people, to hone my communication skills, and how to take what I have learned inside the classroom and really apply outside of the classroom.

This place is so special. We have all walks of life on this campus--people from Pennsylvania, people from New Jersey, New York and even people from Australia!"