Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Human Services Minors

Requirements for a Minor in Sociology – 18 credits:

  • SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology (WOK: Behavioral)
  • SOCI 201 Social Inequality (WOK: Behavioral and Writing Intensive)
  • SOCI 302 Social Science Research Methods
  • Three courses (9 credits) as electives in Sociology* chosen from the following, which may not be offered every semester:
    • SOCI-102: Sociology Through Film
    • SOCI-103: Social Problems
    • SOCI-104: Major Global Problems
    • SOCI-114: Social Gerontology
    • SOCI-125: The Family
    • SOCI-126: Gender and Society
    • SOCI-127: Ethnicity
    • SOCI-128: Rights, Responsibilities and Reform
    • SOCI-200: World Justice and Care for Children
    • SOCI-210: Gender and the Law
    • SOCI-211: Environmental Law
    • SOCI-215: Sociology of Death
    • SOCI-216: Sociology of Health and Medicine
    • SOCI-250: Heart of the City / SOCI with HSVC-250: Heart of the City / HSVC
    • SOCI-281: Special Topics in Sociology / Topics vary by semester (Repeatable for credit)
    • SOCI-303: Advanced Social Science Research Methods
    • SOCI-481: Advanced Special Topics in Sociology / Topics vary by semester (Repeatable for credit)

*Criminal Justice and Human Services courses may also satisfy this requirement; an advisor will assist in choosing appropriate courses.


Minor in Human Services - 18 Credits


  • HSVC-105: Introductino to Human Services (WOK: Behavioral)
  • HSVC-257: Human Behavior and the Social Environment (WOK: Behavioral)
  • HSVC-308: Theory and Practice of Counseling in Human Services
  • HSVC-356: Social Welfare Policy
  • HSVC-358: Human Service Methods
  • HSVC-401: Human Services Internship


Minor in Criminal Justice - 18 Credits


  • CRJU-122: Introduction to Criminal Justice (WOK: Behavioral)
  • CRJU-223: Criminal Law (WOK: Behavioral)
  • CRJU-225: Criminal Procedure (WOK: Behavioral)
  • CRJU-321: Criminology
  • CRJU-401: Internship in Criminal Justice
  • Choice of:
    • SOCI-101: Introduction to Sociology
    • SOCI-201: Social Inequality 


Minor in  Social Gerontology – 18 credits The interdisciplinary minor in Social Gerontology is open to students of any major and is designed to prepare individuals for positions in agencies and institutions that administer health and community-based services for older persons, such as nursing homes, hospitals, senior citizen centers, hospice care, recreation, and counseling services. The program serves to enhance the knowledge base and skills of persons currently engaged in the provision of such services or those who are preparing to work in these areas. The internship experience is developed for each student according to his/her specific interests and career goals. Interested students should contact Elaine R. Green, Ed.D., HS-BCP, Dean of the School of Continuinng and Professional Studies at for information and registration guidance. Note that courses needed for this minor are currently completed in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies at Chestnut Hill College or at other SEPCHE colleges.


Students must earn a grade of C- or better in courses required to successfully complete the requirements for the minor. An Independent Study may be available with appropriate permissions. Courses are three credits unless otherwise indicated and may not be offered every semester.



  • UESO-114: Social Gerontology
  • UEPS-280: Psychology of Aging
  • UESO-106: Aging and the Adaptation for Wellness
  • UERS-226: The Meaning of Death and Dying
  • UESO-270: Introduction to the American Healthcare System
  • UESO-128: Diversity Issues


Minor in Women’s Studies – 18 credits Chestnut Hill College offers a number of courses that focus on women in a variety of disciplines including Art History, English, Foreign Language, History, Music, Psychology, Religious Studies and Sociology. Students must earn a grade of C- (1.70) or better in courses required to successfully complete the requirements for the Minor. Contact Lorraine Coons, Room 377, Fournier Hall, or Nancy Porter, Room 14, St. Joseph Hall for assistance with this minor.

Six courses (18 credits) chosen in conjunction with an academic advisor from the following, which may not be offered every semester and may have Pre-Requisites:

  • ARTH-201: Historical Survey of Women Artists (WOK: Artistic)
  • CRJU-210/SOCI-210: Gender and the Law
  • GLST-201: Global Awareness Seminar *
  • HIST-106: Survey of Women’s History (WOK: Historical)
  • HIST-228: Women in Modern European Society (WOK: Historical)
  • HIST-330: Women’s Activism/Modern World (WOK: Historical)
  • ILAR-101: Introduction to the Liberal Arts *
  • PSYC-109: Psychology of Women (WOK: Behavioral)
  • RLST-211: Women in the Bible
  • RLST-222: Marriage and Family
  • RLST-241: Models/Mentors in Christian Traditions
  • RLST-242: Women in Society and Religion
  • SOCI-126: Gender and Society
  • SOCI-201: Social Inequality (WOK: Behavioral)

* May be acceptable for the minor depending on the topic. Permission of the minor advisor is required for this course to count for the minor.