Sociology Major


What do I study?


From global terrorism to genocide, in today's changing society, we struggle to understand complex social issues that affect all aspects of our personal and professional lives. According to the American Sociological Association, "sociology is the study of social life, social change and the social causes and consequences of human behavior." Through research, theory and application of knowledge, the field of sociology attempts to address the challenging social issues of our time.


At Chestnut Hill College, students majoring in sociology have the option of entering many different careers. Whatever career path is chosen, sociology students benefit from the skills learned in problem solving, critical thinking, research mthods and effective communication strategies. The curriculum is taught by highly qualified and experienced professors who provide a well-rounded education in preparation for employment in the field and/or graduate study. In addition to receiving a bachelor's degree in sociology, CHC offers an M.S. degree in Administration of Human Services for students who are interested in continuing their studies and preparing for leadership positions in Human Service organizations.


What courses do I take?


Major in Sociology – 30 credits
Required in the Major:


SOCI-101: Introduction to Sociology (WOK: Behavioral)

SOCI-201: Social Inequality (WOK: Behavioral)

SOCI-300: Sociological Theory (Writing Intensive)

SOCI-302: Social Science Research Methods (Writing Intensive)

SOCI-498: Senior Seminar in Sociology

Five additional courses (15 credits) as electives in Sociology* chosen from the following, which may not be offered every semester:

  • SOCI-102: Sociology Through Film(WOK: Behavioral)
  • SOCI-103: Social Problems (WOK: Behavioral)
  • SOCI-104: Major Global Problems (WOK: Behavioral)
  • SOCI-114: Social Gerontology (WOK: Behavioral)
  • SOCI-125: The Family (WOK: Behavioral)
  • SOCI-126: Gender and Society (WOK: Behavioral)
  • SOCI-127: Ethnicity (WOK: Behavioral)
  • SOCI-128: Rights, Responsibilities and Reform
  • SOCI-200: World Justice and Care for Children
  • SOCI-210: Gender and the Law (WOK: Behavioral)
  • SOCI-211: Environmental Law
  • SOCI-215: Sociology of Death
  • SOCI-216: Sociology of Health and Medicine (WOK: Behavioral)
  • SOCI-250: Heart of the City/SOCI with HSVC-250: Heart of the City/HSVC
  • SOCI-281: Special Topics in Sociology/Topics vary by semester (Repeatable for credit)
  • SOCI-303: Advanced Social Science Research Methods
  • SOCI-481: Advanced Special Topics in Sociology/Topics vary by semester (Repeatable for credit)

* Criminal Justice and Human Services courses may also satisfy this requirement; an advisor will assist in choosing appropriate courses.