Mathematics Major

Major in Mathematics - 43 credits minimum

Courses are 3 credits unless indicated.

Required in the Major:

  • MATH-251: Calculus and Linear Algebra (WOK: Problem Solving)
  • MATH-252: Calculus and Modern Analysis III
  • MATH-261: Discrete Methods in Mathematics
  • MATH-262: Probability and Statistics
  • MATH-305: Abstract Algebra I
  • MATH-306: Abstract Algebra II
  • MATH-497: Modern Mathematical Theory I (Writing Intensive)
  • MATH-498: Senior Seminar/Modern Mathematical Theory II
  • Four courses (12 credits) in Mathematics chosen from the following, which may not be offered every semester:
    • MATH-281: Special Topics in Mathematics/Topics vary by semester (Repeatable for credit)
    • MATH-307: Differential Equations
    • MATH-321: Advanced Calculus
    • MATH-331: Mathematical Modeling
    • MATH-341: Introduction to Operations Research
    • MATH-342: Fundamentals of Geometry
    • MATH-481: Advanced Special Topics in Mathematics/Topics vary by semester (Repeatable for credit)

Also required:

  • Choice of:
    • CMSC-190: Introduction to Programming Logic*
    • CMSC-251: Data Structures in Java (4 credits)
  • CMSC-210: Programming in Java (4 credits)

*Students with previous programming experience take CMSC-251 instead of CMSC-190.

Recommended, but not required:

  • PHYS-121: Principles of Physics I (WOK: Scientific)
  • PHYS-122: Principles of Physics II (WOK: Scientific)

Sample Bachelor of Science: Mathematics Major/selected minor (declaration of minor not required for graduation):
Please note that this is a suggested academic plan only, it is not meant to address each student’s individual requirements or interests. Students will develop a personalized academic plan with a faculty advisor however, it is the student’s responsibility to be aware of, register for, and successfully complete all of the requirements for graduation in the major.


Year One Fall 

15/16 Credits*

Year Two Fall 

15/16 Credits*

Year Three Fall 

16 Credits*

Year Four Fall 

15 Credits 

MATH elective or 211




CMSC-190 or 251






WOK or elective



CMSC-210 (4 cr)

MATH elective

Minor #3

WOK or elective

MATH elective

MATH-497 (WI)

Minor #5


WOK or elective


Year One Spring 

16/17 Credits*

Year Two Spring 

15/16 Credits 

Year Three Spring 

13 Credits 

Year Four Spring 

15 Credits 

MATH elective or 212


CMSC-210 (4 cr)

WOK or elective

WOK or elective

PHED #1*

Swim Test*



WOK or elective

Minor #1

Minor #2

PHED #2*

MATH -262

MATH elective

PSPK-101 (1 cr)

WOK or elective (4 cr)

Minor #4


MATH elective

Minor #6

WOK or elective

WOK or elective


*Non-academic credits - these courses do not apply towards the minimum required for graduation.

Minimum Academic Credits required for graduation: 120